Thursday, December 31, 2009

ONE Year Anniversary!

I've been on this blog shit for exactly one year! There has been some ups and downs, but it was good, ultimately. Looking back at all the shit that I wrote made me realize that I learned something new everyday. What doesn't kill you, will make you stronger (except for drugs). From all the bullshit I withstood, I can admit that I changed for the better. =] I thank all my friends, my family, and other people who toughened me up; especially to the people who told me to NEVER give up. Also, I thank all my followers, and all the people who take the time to read my hard work. Lol. Anywho, have a good night, and don't drink and drive! =]

Here are my favorite blog posts from each month:



AH! Yey, one whole motherfuckin' year!

My New Year's resolutions.

I NEED to..
- stop being a cry baby.
- EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- get back on my homework shit.
- think before doing anything.
- be more responsible.
- stop being desperate for love, attention, and all of that shit.
- maintain my room clean for more than 2 days.
- get a job, and keep it.
- do my own laundry.
- refrain away from insanity.

GOOD BYE 2009...
2010, HERE I COME!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yeshua's Day.

- for better quality.

AYYYYYYYY. No offense to the idiots, but Yeshua, aka Jesus, was not born on the 25th of December. And, where the fuck did Santa Claus come from? North Pole my ass. SMH to those parents who lie to their children about a big, fat, hairy, white man.

Not to be a selfish bastard, but the only reason why I like Christmas is the fact that I get money for not doing shit. Lol. FREE MONEY is the best kind of money there is. =p

Anywho, I no longer get ├╝ber excited during Christmas and its season. I get more things when Momma gives me money to go shopping. Lol. Also, the fact that my birthday is nine days before it, I get one-for-the-price-of-two presents. No bueno. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Lol.

New heels from XXI. =]
Hip-Hip, Horray!
More Flicks.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mikki's Kaarawan! - Pt. 2

- for better quality.


Peep the nails. =p
Bf got me my first Build-A-Bear, and it's Hello Kitty! =D
One of my favorite teachers got me this. =]
My cake.
1st plate.
2nd plate.
3rd plate.


Had to get my post-infected tattoo a touch-up.
New tat, but not done yet.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mikki's Kaarawan!

My early birthday present.
Baby-G. =] I LOVE IT.
Kudos to my folks.
(Excuse my hair. I have it in a side ponytail. Lol. Also, please excuse the grainy quality of the picture. I got lazy, so I just used the built-in cam from the laptop. Lol.)
TO Mikki!!!!!!

(EDIT: BTW, thank you, Bf, for being the first person to greet me at twelve o'clock on the dot. =P)

I understand that this is a day that signifies the fact that I'm getting closer to my death. HAHA. In actuality, that's what it is though. For the most part, it's a celebration for withstanding another year in this hellhole, we call Earth. I thank God for letting me live another year. Also, I'm legal. Oh geez. HAHAHA.

My 13th birthday.
(For the people who don't know how old I am, do the math.)
(AND, I didn't know that I can schedule when I want to post my posts, even if I wrote them like 3 years ago. Lol. This is the first post that I scheduled to be posted on a certain date. =p I feel empowered. HAHA.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Whatever Will Be, Will Be . . ."

This is my blog, damn it,
and I'm going to write whatever the fuck I want.

I'm enraged,
as fuck.

Have you ever been in a predicament that has no way out? Like, trapped in some disfigured cage that was rejected from a factory; no doors.

I don't like the situation that I am in at the moment. How foolish am I? Really? My time-will-tell philosophy is about to smack me in the face with a big, fat F for failure.

Having feelings for somebody, but that somebody is not feeling the same way...? Come on. WhatTHEEfuck?! Human nature, right? I've been at the other end where I'm the one who doesn't have any feelings. Karma? What comes around, comes back around.

CAN ANYBODY FUCKIN' ACCEPT ME FOR WHO THE FUCK I AM? Please! I wish someone, just anyone, can look ahead from my fuckin' bullshit ex-life, and look at what's currently on progress.

If anybody is out there with an open-mind, scream, and I shall hear you out as best as I can. Come hither. Let the clouds from above send you down to my front door, while the seraphs sing Hallelujah 'til no ends. Blah, blah.

I know people don't really give a flying fuck about my birthday; I don't neither, well kind of. My previous birthdays were so shitty that I just grew indifferent towards celebrating my nonsensical self-holiday. Oh please, spare me the crocodile tears and the pity 'awws' because they are gratuitous. I'm not asking for sympathy. HAHA. I could really care less. I was raised with no money, and was raised to be satisfied with whatever. I can be a brat, yes, but when I know that it's necessary to be quiet, I know my place. The main reasons why I was looking forward to this one is just the fact that I can get tattoos whenever the fuck I want, I can get a job without signing a whole bunch of working papers, the fact that I can go to strip clubs, and can go to 18-to-party-21-to-drink parties/club shit.

Anywho, I've been complaining to various people about my situation. They've done it and said it all, but it's my decision whether to do something about it or not. Eh, I'm still here, aren't I? Lol. I'm just waiting for those days when it'll be all worth it. . . I hope.

If you don't like me,
you can kiss my. . .
(Had to put arrows on it. Lol. Ha, I'm not gon' try and explain this one. Trust me, there are no blandishments involved.)


Monday, December 14, 2009


I've created a wishlist before. It was a combination for my birthday (DEC. 16th) and Christmas. I managed to achieve getting a few things that I listed, so this is the current-current one. I'm extremely materialistic. Lol.
  1. These tres palabras.
  2. MONEY! $$$
  3. Car tints.
  4. Car rims.
  5. Uggs. =] - They are so comfy.
  6. Skinny jeans. - Levi's and others.
  7. ANY Hello Kitty stuff.
  9. iPhone. - Or any new phone.
  10. What Jeremih said. - "Don't need candles or cake, just need your body to make. . ."
  11. Boots.
  12. Heels.
  14. New LENS!!!
  15. Or just a new CAMERA!!! - DSLR Canon/Nikon.
  16. Sneakers. - Air Jordan 11s, 12s.
  17. Leather jacket.
  18. Wool coat.
  19. Scarves.
  20. MAC eye shadow.
  21. Cards with meaningful shit in them.
  22. 13-inch, hard cover Mac laptop case.
  23. GPS!
  24. Car radar detector. - Don't need any tickets, yet alone for speeding. =p
  25. GREAT memories. =]
I'm usually satisfied with anything I receive anyways. =D
(I'm deeply in love with my Nine West Tulip boots.
Peep the fade marks. Lol.)
Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Doo Wop

- It's the twenty-motherfuckin'-first century...

SEX is no longer as sacred as it should be. There are people who keep their virginity by choice, or just by nature. Back in the days, the norm was people would have sex if they were in love, in a relationship, and blah blah. NOW, people turned it into a hobby, or some habitual shit.

Nowadays, well teenagers, well a lot of them, well most of them boys, think that sex is the in thing. They watch way too much TV. Lol. The guys who I've had observed, NOT in a stalking manner, clearly showed the potential of a male-whore. AND, I am extremely thankful that Bf isn't like that. I understand that guys will be guys, but he's something else. Anywho, it's worse for girls to be promiscuous. Why? The fact that penises don't stretch out, and the fact that penises are easier to clean. YEAH, so if you think girls who fist are cool, that shit is grotesque! Isn't it funny how guys get kudos for having numerous partners, and girls get treated like a used napkin? Some say that the ladies caused that to themselves. Eh, not entirely, it's also a society thing, in my opinion. I know that polygamy is a taboo in the U. S., but in some cultures they even have polyandry. It shows how culture and society affects intimacy and all that good stuff.

OH MAN, and do you see how the dances changed? The whole grinding thing probably happened way back, but the one-on-one body contact was a taboo then. NOW, you see these broads flopping their ass cheeks everywhere. Basically, people are just dry-humping. It's a legal form of sex: no indecent exposure, and certainly no penetration. A nip-slip might occur here and there, but that's about it. Lol.

I usually write posts pertaining to events that had happened, or stuff that came up in convos and such. I have a ton of male friends, well not as much as before. Also, I grew up with a lot of my guy cousins. I was a tomboy when I was little. Anywho, as I was saying, guys are comfortable speaking with me because I could really care less about their sexual escapades. I'm more indifferent than other females. So, my friends are not scared, nor embarrassed, about the shit that they've done. They would tell me how they would have sex with one girl, and move on to the next broad. They would ridicule these females. It seems as if the girls were talked about as an it, not a she.

As the great, now delusional, Lauryn Hill sang, "Girls, you know you better watch out. Some guys, some guys are only about that thing, that thing, that thing." - Thing, meaning sex, right?

HM, but she also mentioned, "Guys, you know you better watch out. Some girls, some girls are only about that thing, that thing, that thing." - Thing, meaning sex, right? Sounds more like money to me. Lol.

Don't be so foolish to fall for the nonsensical bullshit some people feed you.

You have a brain for a reason.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Curse! - Pt. 2

DUH! It's the sequel to the part 1.

I swear to life that God, or whomever created human beings, made women to feel all the pain in the world. Yes, I'm officially bitching! Shit. Lol.

It's so much easier to be a guy, well a good looking one. Be thankful you guys got penises because having a vagina is definitely more difficult.

Everybody knows when a girl gets her bitch week it means that an unused egg is released. I absolutely loathe it when girls say that they are repulsed by blood. Listen Bitch, your fuckin' pussy spews out blood monthly; the unfertilized egg, along side with the endometrium, flushes out of the vagina as the period, stupid cunt . . .

And for all the bitch-ass men boys out there who gets nauseated when women talk about their period, shut the fuck up because you came out of your momma's vagina (besides a cesarean section, of course), and that vagina was spittin' blood, too.

Anywho, as I was sayin', women are stronger than men in ways that men can never be.

I shall repeat that I am not a sexist, so don't talk shit.

Well, I don't understand why women are the ones who are victimized by sperm implantation. I mean like shit, why are females the ones to be impregnated? Lol. I know it sounds dumb, but guys have nothing in their body that would remind them that they're men, besides their ding-a-lings and all of that men genitalia shit. They don't worry about getting pregnant, nor having their period. They don't get cramps neither. They don't get shit. Some of them may have STDs, but they caused that hell to themselves, unless it was from birth, of course.

Men should be thankful that women are here on this Earth. If women did not exist, all the men would just be butt-fucking each other. I'm just sayin'. THEN, the humans will be extinct since there's no way for them to reproduce, unless some miraculous shit happens that men can give birth to another asshole like themselves.

No offense and no implications were applied . . .

Monday, November 30, 2009



I usually don't post a series of things, but I couldn't think of a title that would put the three days together. So, I decided to seclude them from one another. =] AND, I really need to be more efficient with this updating-my-blog thing.

- for better quality.

Amy and I left my house around 4:30 am. We had about 2 to 3 hours of sleep. This is what happens when teenagers, with no jobs, get to go shopping. Lol. After the mall, we went to Target and bought matching Dirt Devil vacuums. HAHAHA. Go figure.
Most of the pics are in her camera.
She think she funny. It's Amy impersonating Asians. SMH.
Mommy and Daddy ended up purchasing this thingamajigs.