Friday, April 17, 2009

Mikki vs Teenager Shit

(This is a generalization. No specific implications whatsoever.)

People always talk about me,
but they
never talk to me.
I know.
They're mouths run like Usain Bolt.

To the Haters:

I don't hate on people.
I have no reason to.
It's a waste of
my time.

People hating
on me? I cannot believe it.
People hating
me? I believe it.
(I'll explain that in a different post someday.)

It's just funny how people waste their time gawking at me. It's funny how they look at what
I wear, listen to how I talk, and search who my friends are, etc..
I notice, but pay no attention.

Yea, some girl came up to
me and was like, "You know why I've been acting like this?... Because I'm hating on you."
I started laughing, asked her why, walked away.

When I look at people, even if it's just a glance, they automatically think I'm hating on them. Even if it's by accident, they would still think I'm jealous of who or how they are. What dumbfucks. Y'all should stop smoking (4/20 =p).

Nowadays, people use the term 'hate' for jealousy.
I can't even be jealous of girls though. I like the ladies.
If the girls are pretty,
I get attracted to them, not jealous. Duh!
So, if
I'm looking at you, and you happen to be gorgeous (with a nice butt), it means that I might want to bang you. Haha.

To the Fake Friends:

I hear people talk about me all the time.
Good and bad shit.
me importa.

You don't know
my name, or even the last.
You only know about

How do
I know?
Because people that know who
I truly am don't talk behind my back.

So many people think they know
me because they've..
- had few conversations with
me online.
- met
me in person for the first time.
- spoke to
me once or twice.
- said 'hi' or 'hello' to

My fake friends tell others that we're close, so they can get more people to suck them in.
Don't use
me as a bridge to your foolishness.

I know who y'all are. I'm not incompetent. I just like toying with some people. It amuses me.

To the Dreamers:

Hmmm. People talk, especially the guys. Most of them talk shit.
I've heard so many things about me, and heard so many things that they've done with me.
Funny thing is: where was
I when all these shits happened?
Most likely in their dreams.

Yea, I bet you wish you had this, huh? Haha.
Go to sleep, maybe you will. =]

Good luck honey.
You're not getting anything from me.
Well, maybe some lotion or Vaseline so you can help out your hand.

Better yet, just keep dreaming.

To the Judges:

I've been judged my whole entire life.
I always wonder if it is just plain ignorance.
I realized that it's just human nature.

Most of the time people judge you by your..
- outer appearance.
- disabilities.
- friends.
- family.
- beliefs.
- speech and accent.
- nationality and background.
- religion.
- interests.

Judgments come from ignorance, and vice versa.

Well, basically, I just think y'all dumb fucks, or y'all live in caves.
If you don't know what society is now, then you need to watch some news.

Don't be closed-minded.
You'll get nowhere in life.
Loser! =]

This girl and I had a conversation on how people judge her. People call her slut, whore, etc.. You get my point.

For crying out loud, we're just teenagers. Teenagers are bound to fuck up.
We don't want to listen? Let us learn it the hard way.

I'm not going to lie, I've been called some names. I think it's annoying. It doesn't really bother me because I know who I am; I know what I do. Why would I get mad at something that is not true? Catching emotions towards shit like that just proves them right. My mentality is beyond fucking around with these middle school noggins.

Words hurt, only if you know they're true. Nobody wants to hear the truth. People want to get sunken in in their make-believe stories, so the truth can be lost in oblivion. It's hard to face the truth. It's hard to realize something that you can't take back.


Don't be reckless.
Think before you open your mouth.
Let your thoughts marinate in your head.

I have so many flaws.
I am not perfect.
Nobody is.


  1. Typical teenage life,
    but that`s what high school is for.
    After graduation, you put all that drama behind you and start off fresh.

  2. very deep...i have to reread it again lol

  3. that 'i might want to bang you' piece was classic.

  4. It's crazy.
    Even if it is teenage shit, it still goes on with adults.

    I feel like an old woman who is stuck in a teenager's body. Lol.

  5. itz me....gess who...i like dis...n ders some things we gotta tlk bout.

  6. At least the drama won't be as lame as teenager drama, you should see the drama my friends go through, it's the stupidest shit ever

  7. I'm assuming that there are two anonymous.

    The one who types funny, and the one who doesn't.

    Anywho, who are you? Lol
    I get a decent amount of views to know which one you are.

  8. Yeaaaa.
    I try to get away from drama as possible.
    It's just stressful, and annoying.

  9. I check your blog about 2 times a day (just to see if you posted any new ones) You have a lot of interesting things to discuss about

    I check your page more if I leave you a comment on a post to see if you've responded

    But I would like to remain as Anonymous =)
    Just Because

    I hope this doesn't make me sound like a stalker or anything... oops =/

  10. mikki jus try to figure out who types lik dis 2 u

  11. First Anonymous, thumbs up to you!! =]

    Second Anonymous, what's my favorite color? =]

  12. orange...guess who?

  13. That was a bad question because a lot of people knew that.. Lol.

    Initials please?

  14. I still don't know.
    Sorry. =/

  15. mikki omg...who do u no dat txt u lik dis


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