Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mikki vs Men - Pt. 2

Yes, part 2.
The sequel to part one, duh!

As I mentioned numerous times, most of my friends are guys.

I realized that the most common reason why I see a lot of men as weaklings is that:

They can't deal with emotions.

They put up a facade, and tell you that they're all good. (A person who does not show emotions are insane. Feelings are natural. They are not things to toy around with. They shouldn't be held back.)

They always find an outlet for it. Sex? Drugs? Alcohol? All that other shit.

Real men don't cry? - If you seriously don't, let me ball-tap you with my foot.
Hmm. I don't think so, but if you're a guy who cries about a splinter, then you're the official bitch of the day.

Females divert their emotions the way it should (unless they're bipolar - which is a disorder). We let out our emotions. We speak our minds. I mean, yea, we get annoying at times, but we're better at NOT LYING. - This is MY opinion: A person who holds things back, and 'pretend' to be ok, is basically a liar. I like it when guys tell me how they feel, what they're thinking, and such. I don't like it when they pretend to be the 'bigger man'. Yea, let me take one of your 'grails' (sneaker talk) and burn it right in front of you. You'll cry, I bet you.

Men get mad at us, and complain how emotional and sensitive we are. Men always think that it's 'drama'. Well, some girls do inflict drama to themselves, but those are the dumb bitches. In actuality, women always need a person to talk to because they speak their minds, and hardly keep anything in. - That's normal.

I've learned that when you hold something in, it would just eat you alive. Until the truth is released, every single day would be like hell. Truth never leaves you, unless you have a peace of mind.

Plus, we are emotional because of the constant change of hormones. Come on, that monthly thing.. Yea.

I'm not sexist.
I do look at both sides of the story.
I'll talk about it some other day. =]

Some random pics. =]
Baby Justin.
(Mek the D40)
No resemblance whatsoever. =p
Mikki in middle school. =p


  1. Your little brother looks more asian than you do LOL

    You still look the same, but appear to be more mature... well, you are mature

  2. u look beautiful ma


Gracias for the input. =P

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