Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mikki vs Men

I think that men are mostly alike.
Yea, stop the bitchin', y'all the same one way or another.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a feminist, sexist, etc..

Anywho, I love the male species, it's just that it's hard to find a man that doesn't think about 'intimacy' 24/7, or just worry about the outer appearance. Most of the guys live, and dedicate their time to impress the opposite sex with looks. I know we girls love sexy guys, but damn, some guys work their butts off just to get an add on MySpace (yea, I said it). There is nothing wrong with that, but come on, girls are not that shallow to be attracted just by looks. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't talk to an airhead. You can be the best looking guy in the planet, but if you can't hold a conversation without mentioning the size of your 'pee-pee', I'm going to walk away and tell God that you are a waste of life.

Some of my stereotypes for the males:

1.) Wannabe-Rap-Artist

Recently, I've been meeting guys who are aspiring to be an artist; aspiring to be the next Jay-Z, the next Kanye West.. You get the point.
Honey, that is ONE in a MILLION chance. At least have a back up. You might be a one-hit-wonder like J-Kwon. Can anybody tell me where he is? Yea, I found him on Wikipedia, and he didn't even have a picture.

2.) Ganja Boy
Oh mann.. The typical weed boy. Yes, most of y'all got money. I bet you that in a week, all that gwap is going to be gone. Weed seems to be cheap, but put all that money together, and you'll probably be able to buy a car.
Here's an equation (generalization):

1 day (24 hours) = about 4 blunts = 2 grams = $40
1 day = $40
1 week = 7x40 = $280
1 month = 4x280 = $1 120
1 year = 12x1120 = $13 440 (That's a lot of money.)

In my opinion, money on weed, or just in drugs, is a waste.
You're probably too high to realize that though...

3.) The Dealer
It seems that you got it all. You got the nicest shit; nice clothes, nice cars, maybe even a nice house, and especially, the girls. Well, good luck when you get caught. All that shit is going to be gone in a blink of an eye. Next thing you'll be dealing with is somebody trying to shove something up your ass in prison. Get a real job...

Don't get mad, I'm only being real..."
-Snoop Dogg (All About You)



  1. funny ass analysis you was on point.

  2. i like this...you must have passed many guys to know all of that

  3. We're not all like that, theres dudes who put girls aside cuz they have other priorities such as nursing school, because all we hear girls talk about is these 3 types of whackass niggas all day.

    remember theres always the nice guys out there, and we aint hiding either.

  4. I completely understand. These are just stereotypes. =]

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oMj6eWUFiw

  6. David is the first one. lol


Gracias for the input. =P

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