Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Curse! - Pt. 2

DUH! It's the sequel to the part 1.

I swear to life that God, or whomever created human beings, made women to feel all the pain in the world. Yes, I'm officially bitching! Shit. Lol.

It's so much easier to be a guy, well a good looking one. Be thankful you guys got penises because having a vagina is definitely more difficult.

Everybody knows when a girl gets her bitch week it means that an unused egg is released. I absolutely loathe it when girls say that they are repulsed by blood. Listen Bitch, your fuckin' pussy spews out blood monthly; the unfertilized egg, along side with the endometrium, flushes out of the vagina as the period, stupid cunt . . .

And for all the bitch-ass men boys out there who gets nauseated when women talk about their period, shut the fuck up because you came out of your momma's vagina (besides a cesarean section, of course), and that vagina was spittin' blood, too.

Anywho, as I was sayin', women are stronger than men in ways that men can never be.

I shall repeat that I am not a sexist, so don't talk shit.

Well, I don't understand why women are the ones who are victimized by sperm implantation. I mean like shit, why are females the ones to be impregnated? Lol. I know it sounds dumb, but guys have nothing in their body that would remind them that they're men, besides their ding-a-lings and all of that men genitalia shit. They don't worry about getting pregnant, nor having their period. They don't get cramps neither. They don't get shit. Some of them may have STDs, but they caused that hell to themselves, unless it was from birth, of course.

Men should be thankful that women are here on this Earth. If women did not exist, all the men would just be butt-fucking each other. I'm just sayin'. THEN, the humans will be extinct since there's no way for them to reproduce, unless some miraculous shit happens that men can give birth to another asshole like themselves.

No offense and no implications were applied . . .


  1. No offense taken. You made valid points.

  2. mind explaning exactly how you got the white middle section on your blog - or pointing me in the right direction? Thanks!

  3. L M A O !! Nice *applause*


  4. What does the release of an unfertilized egg and etc. have to do with a girl not liking blood, or more specifically, period blood? Understanding the end stages of the menstrual cycle, and liking them are two different things, no?

  5. Understandable, no connection what-so-ever. Lol. I just find facts intriguing.

    Also, I just find it amusing at the fact that some girls squirm at the sight of blood. Well, the girls my age should be used to it by now.


Gracias for the input. =P

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