Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shrimp a la Mikki!

- for better quality.

I was bored, so I decided to cook. =]
It's ambrosial.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


this is young vito....voice of the young people...a mouth piece for hustlers....im back motherfucker
ya reign on top was shorter than leprechauns....u cant fuck with hov...what type of X yalls on...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


- for better quality.

Last night was bizarre. I don't want to talk about the predicament that I was in, but later that night into the morning, an interesting topic popped up.

If you're thinking about my virginity story, you are so freaking wrong. HAHA.

Some lizard thing.
Some good shit.
(Too bad I don't smoke.)

When I do a post, most of the time,
it's in the chronological order of things that happened.

Just a little insight.

Anywho, we went to the homeboy's house. Everybody was drinkin' beer, as usual. When everybody was a little buzzed, the topic of sex just blurted out. Funny how it happens all the time.

I have respect for virgins, crazy respect. Believe it or not.. Ms. Miriam, over here, is still a virgin. Eighteen years strong. She's proud of it. Why wouldn't she be? That's fuckin' amazing. We were talkin' about it last night. Well, technically, this morning. Lol. The ratio of girls to guys was 5:3, just imagine how that was. HAHA. Only one guy favored into Miriam's virginity. I really don't know if drunk words are sober thoughts, but damn this girl was just speaking out the ass. HAHA. It was truthful though, that's why it was funny. I don't think she noticed how loquacious she was. She had experienced some things, just not the home run. She was explaining it in extreme, profound details. It was some funny shit.

We forced her to watch porn. Let me tell you, it was the funniest shit ever. She looked like a cat that was thrown into a swimming pool; she was petrified. Lol. Miriam's reaction from seeing pingas, tetas, and chochas was priceless, and was ridiculously funny. I should've taken a picture. I felt like she lost her virginity by just watching that. HAHA. The porn kind of sucked, though. It was an old flick. She needs to watch some Lacey Duvalle, Mika Tan, or even Pinky.

Anywho, she's willing to save her virginity up for somebody. I commend her for that. She wants a relationship with somebody who they can be the first of each other. HOW FUCKIN' AMAZING IS THAT? Where can you find people like that nowadays, though? Today's society is so corrupted with drugs, money, and sex. I know that it has been like that for ages, but this century is when, I think, it's in its climax. Damn. What has the world gotten into? I feel like many people are careless because almost anything can be taken care of. People depend on the riches and the technology that United States offer. Teenagers tend to become more liberal.

Te amo, mamita,
pero I'm not going to let you be a 40-year-old virgin.
I'm going to get you laid one way or another.

The fatass-ness of them. HAHA.
Miriam and Sarah eating my brother's ice cream cake at about 5:40 am.

By the way, HAPPY GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!
High school is finally over.
Have fun in college. =]
If you forget to hit me up,
I will get a palo and hit you with it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Justin's Kaarawan!

- for better quality.

Miriam and I went to Toys R' Us to find a present for my brother's birthday. She saw a gumball machine, well, more like a gumegg machine. Lol. You should've seen her. She was like a pedophile in an elementary school; she was exited. HAHA. Afterward, we went to Pollos Pucalor to get some comida. =]
They had little, baby dinosaur candies in them. By the way, if you guys are wondering why she has a dash on her forehead, she got hit with a frisbee. HAHA.
It was Baby Justin's 4th birthday. =] He doesn't need any more toys. You should see his collection. You'd be amazed how spoiled he is.
I got him books.
I love ice cream cake.
Cold Stone!
Ice Cream Cupcakes.
My cousin and I decided to go out for lunch. It was basically a reward after a week-long of finals. It's finally over!!! Anyways, MINADO!!! My favorite restaurant ,ever.
Miso Soup.
Yupp. The fatass-ness has returned. Lol. I am aboslutely in love with Japanese food.
2nd Plate.
My favorite. Try to figure out what it is. HAHA.
It was mad cheap. I'm definitely going back, ASAP.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sarah's House

- for better quality.

Some pictures
have blur-blotches
on them because
of the water.

Yupp. Yesterday was a nice day. =]

Chris, Mikki, Sarah, Frank, Caz, Miriam, Laura, and Jake.
Everybody trying to teach Frank how to swim.
We got off the water because it started to rain.
Then, sunshine went back.
He thinks he's cool. Lol.
We think we're cool. HAHA.
Scratch that; we know it. =]
A must-see video clip!!

After we left Sarah's, we went to Jake's.
His big-ass-mother-effin dog, Rider.

Bonus :
Pictures from a week ago.
The quality is kind of bad because I was using my Cybershot.
This was when the racist people kicked us out. Lol.