Thursday, February 25, 2010


Bf's home-made card is as big as me. Lol. Even though his mother said that it looks like a third-grader work, I love it.

He pasted random cut-ups on it, and one said: "Long-lasting relief for dry, chapped lips." I asked him what that was for because I didn't understand the implication. He said, "Because your lips are mad soft and you [say] sometimes mines are chapped, so when I kiss you, they're straight."
AW! =]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'Day 2'


If you do not already know, I don't believe in organized religion. I believe in a higher power though. I don't really know what my religious status is. I think that I'm too young to quickly make a decision on what or who to praise. I need to be educated first. I mean like, I pray. Does that make me a hyprocrite? Eh, who's to say, right? I have a lot of opinions towards religions, and so does a lot of people. There were and are tons of wars because of this ish. BUT, I'm just going to close my mouth, and wait for the right time to openly express my thoughts vividly.

By the way, keep in mind that when I say 'God',
I don't necessarily mean the Christian God. Just saying.

My dad thinks that I'm crazy, and thinks that I'm an atheist.

Weirdest coincidence. I was reading The Purpose Driven Life, which was given to me by my father. And yes, I'm trying to follow the 40-day thing, but it's not working out too well. I didn't finish Day 2, therefore, I'm a day late. Lol. Anywho, something startled me. At the end of the chapter, in the Question to Consider section, it stated "I know that God uniquely created me. What area of my personality, background, and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?"

HAHAHHAHA, coincidentally, I have been going crazy with my insecurity lately.

God works in mysterious ways...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Perfect Imperfections

UHHHHHHHHHHH! FML. I'm so mad. I am fucking infuriated with myself. Remember this Insecurity post? Yeah, it just got worse, like a fucking thunder just hit me. Damn. I'm not going to go into specifics, but I blame my job. I fucking hate my feet. Momma said that I'm lucky that my feet are the only things I have to worry about. She said that I'm fortunate that it wasn't my face. Uh. Also, she said it's hereditary to have the feet that I posses.


The homie, Jeff, told me that 'there are some people who can't walk at all, some people that don't even have feet.' Everybody knows that I'm one stubborn bitch, so I kept on persisting my whininess and he asked, "Do you have toes in your pussy? If not, I don't care what your feet look like." HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA, I had to put that; it was too damn funny.

Well, as you all know about Bf's hatred of feet, I have loathsomeness towards teeth. I don't give a flying fuck even if you are the best looking person in the world. As long as your teeth are straight, no missing tooth/teeth, cavity-less, and no wide-load gaps when you do your Kool Aid smile, then I'll be alright. If not, I'm telling the Creator that you are just a waste of life. No offense to anybody who fits into that list. Lo siento, but that's just me. I believe that everybody is shallow in their own ways. People have certain physical attributes they look for. You know, like having guidelines.

Everybody is human,
human is flawed,
therefore, everybody is flawed.

Flaws make individuality.

So, I was reading this book called The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, and it stated that God makes things happen for a reason. Shit, or whatever people consider nonsense, just doesn't happen just because, supposedly, it serves a purpose.

For somebody to find
her imperfections
as the reason
for loving her
just makes her
the happiest person
in the universe.

PERFECT EXAMPLE. Everybody in the human spectrum knows the movie Transformers, right?

Megan Fox's thumb-toe.
(From Jeff's stock of random shit.)
(P.S.: She's still hot.)

February 23, 2010.

It rained, sunned, snowed, sleeted, hailed in the same week. Damn Mother Nature is PMSing like crazy.

Yupp. I was driving, and taking pictures at the same time.
Uh, I almost shitted my pants while I was driving. Sherlock, it's an expression. Lol. I was just scared. I really thought that I was going to crash. Did I ever mentioned that I live on a mountain? Lol.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I've been bombarded with loads of gratuitous homework. I also work at the most inconvenient hours. Bf and I keep having unnecessary bitch fits. YES, I am/was PMSing. I'm guilty for the wrongdoings. HA! But shit, I feel like things just keep on exploding sporadically, as if fireballs just rained on my sunshine.

EH, I will try to be back as soon as I can. I need to go back on trying to write this essay. It's about a book where fertile woman are considered concubines who provides babies for the next generation's population. It's a damned, patriarchal-theocratic society. Yes, hypocrisy is highly implied.

Anywho. Ta-ta.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

I was going to give a brief history on this ish, but I got perezosa. Lol.

Uh yeahhh... As I always say, it's better late than never.

My shit was ironic-ish. I had work from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. I wasn't scheduled, but I was asked to come in. Money makes me get up early on a not-school day. Lol.

Anywho, Bf and I just planned to order Chinese food and watch movies at my house. He wasn't feeling too well, so basically, he was sleeping all day. He asked if I was going to get mad if we didn't hang out, and I told him I would. DUH! Yes, it was selfish of me, but that's how I felt. I told him that I would get over it, eventually. He's not really into Valentine's day, nor he is the romantic type. He claims that it's a 'girl holiday'. HAHA. Also, it's weird how he and my father has the same mentality. Eh, we ended up hanging out anyways. We watched the All Star basketball game, and just relaxed. Ultimately, it was a good night. And, I got him a card and a box of chocolate peanut butter Teenie Poppers from Gertrude Hawk. =]

P.S.: I'm still waiting for my card. =P

"I love you."
(I took a picture of me a while back, and my hand was positioned incorrectly. I apologize for the misleading gesture.)

I don't think Valentine's day should be the only day when guys and ladies show the utmost affection for their partners; it should be 24/7. "It's such a Hallmark holiday..." said this lady at my job. She's correct. I feel like a hypocrite for agreeing. I mean like shit, who doesn't like getting flowers and all that? Lol. I believe that everybody can agree with me that people like the feeling of appreciation.

I'm an easy person to make happy. Regardless if the feeling is ephemeral or not, I would appreciate it like it was 2012. I keep everything for sentimental value. I have a few rose petals from my first rose I recieved for Valentine's day. I like little shit. I would rather have something that means a lot, than have something that was worth a superfluous amount of money. That's all unnecessary; it's the simple things that make living worth while.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Same shit...

...different baƱo.

At times, he would tell her crap that she wants to hear to shut her the fuck up. It's funny how she knows this, but she still tries to give it a chance, whatever it is. Also, it is amusing to her that they are reiterations of last week, the week before, and the week before that week, and so on. He's starting to sound like a broken CD. (No offense intended.) Well hey, people have flaws. It seems to be in the human nature to fuck up on purpose. Haha. Well, she's forgiving, or maybe she's just the smartest dummy. She knows he means well, and she knows that he knows that she's definitely fucking worth it. Lol. Shittttt. It seems like she's not important, but he claims that she is. She understands his situation. She only asks for time. Not the crumbs, but the whole damn pie. She closes her eyes, and ponders. She realized that just because she feels for him in some exaggerated form of infatuation (LOL) that it doesn't mean he is obligated to feel the same way. She's not a fool for falling for him; she's just human. He's a fool for not falling for her; she wonders if he's an extraterrestrial life-form. HAHA. Even though, he is still amazing to her eyes for some outlandish reason.

Eh, it's still funny how people fill others with shit of the bulls.

Got bullshit?
Bite thy lip, breathe, and shut the fuck up.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

¡Numero Uno!

I feel alone, like no one cares. I mean, I do ostracize myself at times, but this is something different. I'm having that dust-in-the-wind moment. It sucks. Also, I tend to get defensive when I achieve the feeling of negligence, especially from a person whom I put on a pedestal. I know damn well that everybody feels good about themselves when they get prioritize to the top. I need want to be Number One, excluding from my family of course. I know that I'll always be on the top when it comes to my fams, even at the fact that I've put them through nonsensical bullshit.

I want to be important to someone,
and in their life.
I want to be included.
Not filling the void of someone's loneliness,
but being the reason for their happiness.
Hmmm, I don't know why I always think that something is missing. I have everything, not everything I want, but more than enough for adequate living. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my life, but I wonder if there is something wrong with me.

I'm not depressed, nor am I asking for sympathy or pity. I blame my pituitary gland. Anywho, moving on to my inessential tirade of random bitching… Every good has a bad, and I clearly understand and agree. I do know that life is not a fairy tale; not every story has a happy ending.

I just think that I deserve a little more.
Shit, not fair?
Eh, life isn't either.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Current Events. (3)

- for better quality.

Yeahhh. I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates.

Oh yeah, I have been working also. I finally got hired somewhere. I'm currently a part of Charlotte Russe, and I am planning to get a second job at Subway. =]

I'm going to try to put the pictures in order from newest to oldest, to the best of my abilities at least.

So, here's what I've been doing...

Christine and I went to get our nails done. It was her first time, and it was my second time. The first time I got my nails did was for my 8th grade graduation.
SUBWAY! Eat fresh. 5-dollar foot long. =p

Monmouth University.
I drove about 2 hours to visit Miriam, and it was worth it.=]

Amy's birthday dinner at AppleBees.
Oh, some drunk Caucasian male was repping bloods while he was doing the crip walk. He started throwing business cards at us, and said he was making it rain.
(Not from my cam.)
(Not from my cam.)
Excuse my fat-looking self.
(Not from my cam.)
Her Man. =p

Jackie's 18th birthday. =]
Two of the greatest people in the world: My parents.
Baby Justin!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mr. Mac Daddy!

Holy mother of the Creator!!!!! I think that the seraphs from above just started singing Hallelujah. I feel so damn good, like, I have never gotten something this amazing. Maybe because I haven't had him in a week. Who knows. Let me tell you about his hard, well-sculpted, smooth body. It makes me drool and cringe every time I think about it. I'm so excited. The way he likes it when I push on his spots just makes him so turned on. He makes me fly on cloud nine. I have not felt like this in so long. I don't know what I would do if I lose him for another week. I got to have him everyday; 24/7 for all I care. I can't stand being away from all this ecstasy he's giving me.

Damn, I missed my laptop. Lol.