Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yeah, I'm not the girliest person in the world. I have a handful of dresses. I'm the person who wears t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers/sandals/flip-flops. Yeahh.

The girls and I might go clubbing.

Here are some choices.

- for better quality.

Uhm, not that bra for the last two dresses.
Also, excuse the glasses, the face, and the room.

So, which one?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Expulsion of Fetus

Best known as an A B O R T I O N.

My friend and I were talking about this last night, and it went out of hand. Yelling and all that.

Here are just some random thoughts. They are either pros or cons, where ever the light shines.
  • For the philanthropists out there, you must hate the idea of stopping a human being for being born.
  • Teenagers who do not get abortions usually give their babies for adoption. It's good for people who can't conceive.
  • I wonder how many kids grew up in foster homes though.
  • Teenagers who give their baby away are more likely to be broken, physically and mentally.
  • After pregnancies, women can develop Postpartum/Postnatal Depression (PPD).
  • After abortions, women can suffer from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS).
  • Shit happens. People make mistakes, no matter how old.
Anywho, my friend and I were having a convo. He said that the 'baby' should not be blamed on the fact that the woman is pregnant. "It's not the baby's fault." First of all, technically, it's a fetus. The first visible heartbeat can be seen within the 5th to 6th week into the pregnancy. Most of the time, women, especially teenagers, are more likely to get an abortion during their first trimester. I mean like, yeah, heartbeat and all that, but it's still an 'it'. How ruthless do I sound right now? It's reality though.

I gave him an example. A little fucked up one, but it's possible.

Girls get their period at any age now. All them shit in the processed food made little girls get their lady-hood early. Yeah, hormones and all that. My friend's little sister got her first cycle when she was nine years old. That's not even a double-digit. Anywho, as I was saying, if a 13 year-old gets raped by some fucking, nasty, low-life, pedophile, and gets her pregnant.. What can she do?
  • Have the baby. - Yes, in some cases, the baby will be a constant reminder of the forced copulation incident. - It will fuck up the teenager, mentally and physically. - Most likely, the baby will be put into adoption, unless the folks have her back.
  • Not have the baby. - How? Either Plan B, or some other contraceptive pill, or abortion. - It will fuck up the teenager, mentally and physically. - It will just be distant memory.
ABORTION is a fuckin' nasty process. (Well, there is also a medicated abortion. No machine, but medicine.) How can I sum this up...? Hmmm. Imagine a foot ball, stuck inside a balloon, then use a vacuum to suck it out. Lol. Something like that. That's one process. Doctors can also use curettes and forceps. Another variable depends on the trimesters: first, second, or third. (I put the pictures in links because they may cause vomiting.) Anybody who gets an abortion during their last trimester is a fuckin' killer. Really.

I shall stop right here.
There are so many conflicts towards this subject.
I'll just leave you alone for your eyes to peruse,
and for your head to ponder.

So, are you
or pro-life?

Friday, July 24, 2009


I don't understand how some people can be so naive at their age. I understand that maturity comes with experiences, but some people are just ridiculous. I'm not saying that I can't be childish at times, but there's a limit to everything.

Being judgmental can be taken off as a branch from puerileness. Why? Because the fact that some people are so close-minded to the point that they lose somebody special. YES! It happens a lot. For people to think that there is someone who is perfect, who is immaculate, is dumb. There are some people who are close to it, but everybody has flaws. Nobody can be marked as perfection. They can be your epitome of perfection, but not necessarily for others. Rules and regulations in standardization for a person is difficult to follow.


- for better quality.
We got bored, so we went out to eat.
Oh yeah, Miriam is on a diet. Lol.
Lol, you don't want to know what she was doing.
My food!
Miriam told the people that it was my birthday.
She wanted free dessert. Lol.
Yeah, I couldn't stop laughing. =p
Yeahhh.. It was not my birthday. Lol.
One of the funniest dudes, ever. He was trying to pull it off like he didn't get hurt; yet, his mouth is bleeding. Lol. Yeah, nasty.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Baby!

- for better quality.
Yeahhh, the blurriness. Excuse it.
Happy birthday, Kev!!!
Steven and I went to the beach for some relaxation.
He doesn't like pictures. I had to do a candid shot.
Yummm! We had a bucket of fries and Philly cheese steak.
That night, Miriam, Shay, and I hung out. We chilled with the usual. Lol. She had to drive my car because driving drunk is not fun.
Oh yeah, I learned how to play flip-cup, and I'm a beast!
I got home around 10:30 ish am. I went to sleep then I went to pick up Mikey, so I can get my tat. I was on the highway and my dumbass tried to catch an exit. I hit the breaks and this is what happened to my baby.
My face hurts because the airbag blew up on it. My jaw cracks whenever I open my mouth. My head hurts. Good thing that Mikey and I are fine though.
Oh yeah. Let me tell you something. When we crashed, Mikey looked at me, then took of his seat belt and just straight ran out of the car. He left me by myself in the car. Lol. I couldn't open the door because it got stuck. I had to kick it. He said he ran away because he thought the car was going to blow up. Lol, asshole.