Sunday, April 25, 2010

6 Flags

Great Adventure

Pedophiliac much? HAHA.
Uhhh no, because now he has a mini-me, who looks creepy as fuck.
Meet, Little 6.

OK, so I've been dying to go to 6 Flags for the longest. I'm assuming they tweaked a lot of their policies because their business was going down the drain. First of all, they don't have the cubbies anymore; the place where people can put their shit when they're about to go on the ride. They have automated lockers now. People would have to pay one dollar for each time they get on a ride, if they have purses, bags, drinks, and etc. I mean, I have been there once, and I don't remember them having shit like that.

I don't have a lot pictures because I left my camera in my car. I was not trying to pay a dollar for each time I got on a ride, yet alone having singles on me.

Oh yeah, I saw this girl on the Superman ride with unshaved armpits. YUCK! Lol. That is all.

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Apparently, Bf doesn't. Lol.
Other than the bullshit, it was fun.

Via iPhone.
Cousin who I grew up with back in the Philippines.
This was the moment where I almost bust my face.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"What's love got to do, . . .

go to do with it?"

Teenage relationships are usually based on physical attraction. I mean, people have their standards, but none the less, it's all about the appearance.

Sex is not as a big deal as it was before. Nowadays, it's just like kissing. At least, I would assume because from what I see in commercials, movies, shows and songs. Sex is advertised everywhere.

I believe that most teenagers think about copulating somebody/ies of the same and/or opposite sex almost every second of the day. It's funny how men can talk about it with no problem, but it's awkward if women do. Honestly, I don't give a flying fuck about that shit. I am open with my sexuality, at the right time. Meaning, I don't just blurt out nonsensical sex escapades like I have some kind of tourettes. No offense.

I was going through Facebook, and I perceived that people go in and out relationships like a penis to a vagina. I always notice that people mention their partners as the 'love of my life', and then break up in a week or two.. WTF? Make up your damn mind. Emotions are not toys; they are not to be played with.

Fornication has got to be the worst and best thing that has ever happened in human evolution.

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Currently obsessed with these Nine West boots. =]

Current Events. (6)

I shall try to put these in chronological order, but I highly doubt they will be. Lol. To sum it all up, my schedule was and still is consisted of SCHOOL, WORK, and BOYFRIEND.

Haha, my spring break was basically work and hangin' out with these people. Honestly, I have always thought that good-men were extinct, until Bf came along. =]

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Men at work. Lol. =p
Btw, he's got a twin.


The monotonous path I drive on every time I go to work.

And yes,
this post is

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blubber Nuggets!

"They're chewy!"

I got called fat the other day. I know that I'm not Nicole-Richie skinny, but damn.

Apparently, I'm 10 pounds overweight for my height. SO, I always try to use the excuse that each boob weighs 5 pounds. LOL.

My mom has called me a whale before, oh yeah, and a pig. I don't know, but I think she has a thing for comparing me to animals. Haha. OUCH. Another instance was when my godfather walked into my abode, and the first few words that came out his mouth were: "Mikki, are you gaining weight?" Not even a hello.

I'm sorry, but I love food. I mean like, I don't eat fast food anyways. I eat healthy food, just an abundance of it. Haha. I also have a thing for chocolate; that brown, succulent, sweet, ambrosial, mouth-watering heaven on earth. YUMMMMMM.

My ultimate favorite!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Black Sheep

Have you any wool?

It's funny how some things that are so obvious are mistakenly becoming subtle. It's not clear anymore; it seems like it melted, or dissolved, you know? Like, blended in.

Clearly, I'm not your typical person. What I noticed was that people see me as the best person, and some see me as the most horrid thing there is. No in-betweens. It's funny how people generalize who they think I am, but in reality, it is broader than that. I don't understand why people are so judgmental, especially adults. It hurts to hear that people think that I'm a bad influence. I'm not. Well, at least, I don't think so. I don't like being the one who is compared to the do-not-do-that list. I got my family members looking at me and telling younger kids to not be like me. HAHA. They point at my tattoos, and shake their heads simultaneously. From my knowledge, grown-ups are supposed to be more understanding and accepting. Since they have been in situations adolescence have been or are going through, they should be more knowledgeable about the hardships and all the other drama shit.

As you all know, I'm Filipina. My culture has extremities. There is no in-betweens. They have the richest, and they have dirt poor. They have the drop-dead gorgeous, and they have the dead-look-a-likes. Really. Anywho, for my family, I'm the pariah. It doesn't have to be said. It is so fucking obvious. I wouldn't say that I'm a badass; I just have a mind of my own. I'm a pain in the ass, yes, but I have more common sense than most teenagers do. I've been there done that. I don't need to learn it later because I've been through it before. Yes, I chose and still choose to learn the hard way rather than listening to people, especially my parents. I'd rather live life filled with lessons from my mistakes, rather than listening to old people compare and contrast their bullshit to mines. HAHA.
I'm a liberal, for the most part. I try to be more open-minded because new ideas can lead to way more possibilities and opportunities. I have been told by various people that I was born in the wrong time, like my age doesn't coincide with my mentality. Not on some cocky bullshit, but I believe that they are correct. Lol.


I'm in between.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Doesn't it suck to find out that the person you love tells you that they're in love with somebody else the day after you guys fornicated? Well shit, if that happened to me, it would definitely burst my bubble.

I asked my friend, "Why did you have sex with him even if you knew that he doesn't like you?" She answered, "Because I wanted to."

HAHA! Some people are just inevitably unbelievable. Yupp, that made my day, but the 70-dollar overdraft fees from my bank account ruined it.

Some recent pics that does not coincide with whatever I was talking about previously. Haha. Enjoy. =]

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My FamBam's epic-ness. =P

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm pregnant.