Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Curse!

Guys are so lucky that they don't have to come across the devil whom girls go through monthly.

Missed checkpoints will become a nine month catastrophe and will escalade to the obliviousness of mistakes. I'm not overreacting, at least I hope not, but everybody knows that shit happens.

Don't blame the ladies,
blame the pituitary gland.

Anywho, women's journey to hell lasts up to a week!!! Oh man, imagine that; the pilgrimage to bitchiness. I do feel bad for some males because some females can be OD ruthless when their PMS starts to kick in.

Thank GOD for Midol. =p

"How come females feel all the pain?"
"Because the bitch ate the forbidden fruit first."


  1. i actually like this one


  2. ooh i get a full week worth of the worst pms! and i am an evil bitch on my period and idgaf! i just wanna smoke blunts and sleep all day.

  3. LOL!!!! i usually play videogames all day long or vibe out to music staying away from ppl lol that way no one gets hurt ^_^

  4. i need some midol right now. =/

  5. HA, I got a whole stash of Midols. If not, I start to growing horns. HAHAHA.

    And I get pissed at the littlest shit ever.

    But, can't blame everything on the pppppeeeerriod. Lol.

  6. -- I started my period after reading this blog.
    -- Your blog must be a curse, too. Lol. iKid.
    -- &I go through all the cramps and bloatings, never taken Midol.

  7. listen bitch:)
    ur grtting urs next week and im supposed to get mine today,as i told yu last night. we prob shldnt hang out cuz all wel do is if we dnt alrdy do tht!!lmao
    and ur blog kills me.
    p.s. il be taking some of ur midol.
    love yu dee!

  8. Lol. Yeah, I never used to take Midol until it got worse.

    And as for you DeeDee, we argue like old married couple. Lol. Love you too.


Gracias for the input. =P

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