Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Radix Omnium Malorum Est Cupiditas."

"The love of money is the root of all evil."

I've seen so many people rise because of money.
I've seen the same people fall because of it.

We go to school to get an education.
We get an education to better ourselves, and to get a good job.
We get a job to get money.

Doesn't it seem like all our years in school equals up to the achievement of money?
When do we ever think about achieving happiness?

Teachers ask students, all the time, what they want to do when they get older.
They always answer a profession that mommy and/or daddy implanted in their heads.
(Doctors and lawyers?)
Most of the time, money has got something to do with it.

Nowadays, everything revolves around money.
(Well, even the old days, everything revolved around wealth.)
The society is going down, and it continues to get worse.
The poor gets poorer, and the rich gets richer.

Everybody wants to be everybody.
You want to be unique? So does the person next to you.
I'm not saying people shouldn't worry about their image,
but just be yourself, and don't 'try'.

Then comes along MTV, BET, E!, and all these channels that emphasize the celebrities.
Celebrities have money, a lot of money.
A lot of people try to imitate the celebrities. These 'celebBiters' want people to look at them as if they were as rich. Some people spend their whole paycheck just to buy an outfit that Lil' Wayne was wearing, or to buy some sneakers that Kanye West was wearing on TV. They get kudos from their friends, and get glares from their haters. What the followers don't know is that these 'celebBiters' probably don't even have anything to eat. Haha. Well, not all the time.

The more money you have, the more friends you get?
Haha, I should start selling people on eBay. (JOKE!!!!!!)
That's prostitution. Lol.

There are a lot of people that are humble, and honor their position as being wealthy.
Oprah, Bill Gates, and many more.
I commend them for that.

Money is life.
Money is power.
Money is prestige.
Money is respect.
Money is trouble.

People just need to
watch themselves,
and not get sunken in
by the green monster:
Mr. Greed.
(Not the Hulk. Lol.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yeaaa, my computer screen 'kind of' broke.
I'm using a desk lamp as my source of light. Lol.
Figure that one out.

I don't know when will be the next time I can update my blog.
For the mean time, you can read some of my old posts from January, February, and March.
Educate thy selves. =]

Look what neat thing I got last night. =p

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mama's Kaarawan!

My mama's 44th birthday was yesterday.
I couldn't write the post yesterday because I was sick, and still am.
(102.5 fever. Haha, sounds like a radio station.)

This post is a little tribute to her.

I did get her something..
I got her some Godiva chocolates, all white chocolate. (Her favorite.)
I got her a cardigan, and a purse.
I made her a coupon that states 'Coupon for Mikki to stay home. One use only. Can be used at any time'.

Anywho, let me tell you a little something about her.

Her name is Gina. She is one amazing person. One day, I shall write a book about her. =]

My mom gives me everything I need. She does not complain about anything. She puts her family before her, meaning my dad, my brother, and I. She spoils us 'til no ends. She is strong, mentally and physically. I call her 'Superwoman'. Haha. My mom is one of my best friends. I can talk to her about almost everything.

(Some pictures are old, and some are new.
Nuclear family.)

I love her to death.
I do not know what I would do without her.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tatted Up!

I need to update my blog asap.
I have about five or more to post.
Sorry, I've been MIA for a couple of days.
Anywho, the mall pictures are from yesterday.

Garden State Plaza.
Maki Rolls and Yolato Gelato.
The fatasses took my gelato.
Wonder why they call him Macho?

I decided
to get
a tattoo
the other day...

What do you think it is? =]

(Oh yea, a person's comment just reminded me.
A lot of people asked me if it was real.. Why wouldn't it be? Lol.
It's real.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mikki vs Men - Pt. 2

Yes, part 2.
The sequel to part one, duh!

As I mentioned numerous times, most of my friends are guys.

I realized that the most common reason why I see a lot of men as weaklings is that:

They can't deal with emotions.

They put up a facade, and tell you that they're all good. (A person who does not show emotions are insane. Feelings are natural. They are not things to toy around with. They shouldn't be held back.)

They always find an outlet for it. Sex? Drugs? Alcohol? All that other shit.

Real men don't cry? - If you seriously don't, let me ball-tap you with my foot.
Hmm. I don't think so, but if you're a guy who cries about a splinter, then you're the official bitch of the day.

Females divert their emotions the way it should (unless they're bipolar - which is a disorder). We let out our emotions. We speak our minds. I mean, yea, we get annoying at times, but we're better at NOT LYING. - This is MY opinion: A person who holds things back, and 'pretend' to be ok, is basically a liar. I like it when guys tell me how they feel, what they're thinking, and such. I don't like it when they pretend to be the 'bigger man'. Yea, let me take one of your 'grails' (sneaker talk) and burn it right in front of you. You'll cry, I bet you.

Men get mad at us, and complain how emotional and sensitive we are. Men always think that it's 'drama'. Well, some girls do inflict drama to themselves, but those are the dumb bitches. In actuality, women always need a person to talk to because they speak their minds, and hardly keep anything in. - That's normal.

I've learned that when you hold something in, it would just eat you alive. Until the truth is released, every single day would be like hell. Truth never leaves you, unless you have a peace of mind.

Plus, we are emotional because of the constant change of hormones. Come on, that monthly thing.. Yea.

I'm not sexist.
I do look at both sides of the story.
I'll talk about it some other day. =]

Some random pics. =]
Baby Justin.
(Mek the D40)
No resemblance whatsoever. =p
Mikki in middle school. =p

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mikki vs Teenager Shit

(This is a generalization. No specific implications whatsoever.)

People always talk about me,
but they
never talk to me.
I know.
They're mouths run like Usain Bolt.

To the Haters:

I don't hate on people.
I have no reason to.
It's a waste of
my time.

People hating
on me? I cannot believe it.
People hating
me? I believe it.
(I'll explain that in a different post someday.)

It's just funny how people waste their time gawking at me. It's funny how they look at what
I wear, listen to how I talk, and search who my friends are, etc..
I notice, but pay no attention.

Yea, some girl came up to
me and was like, "You know why I've been acting like this?... Because I'm hating on you."
I started laughing, asked her why, walked away.

When I look at people, even if it's just a glance, they automatically think I'm hating on them. Even if it's by accident, they would still think I'm jealous of who or how they are. What dumbfucks. Y'all should stop smoking (4/20 =p).

Nowadays, people use the term 'hate' for jealousy.
I can't even be jealous of girls though. I like the ladies.
If the girls are pretty,
I get attracted to them, not jealous. Duh!
So, if
I'm looking at you, and you happen to be gorgeous (with a nice butt), it means that I might want to bang you. Haha.

To the Fake Friends:

I hear people talk about me all the time.
Good and bad shit.
me importa.

You don't know
my name, or even the last.
You only know about

How do
I know?
Because people that know who
I truly am don't talk behind my back.

So many people think they know
me because they've..
- had few conversations with
me online.
- met
me in person for the first time.
- spoke to
me once or twice.
- said 'hi' or 'hello' to

My fake friends tell others that we're close, so they can get more people to suck them in.
Don't use
me as a bridge to your foolishness.

I know who y'all are. I'm not incompetent. I just like toying with some people. It amuses me.

To the Dreamers:

Hmmm. People talk, especially the guys. Most of them talk shit.
I've heard so many things about me, and heard so many things that they've done with me.
Funny thing is: where was
I when all these shits happened?
Most likely in their dreams.

Yea, I bet you wish you had this, huh? Haha.
Go to sleep, maybe you will. =]

Good luck honey.
You're not getting anything from me.
Well, maybe some lotion or Vaseline so you can help out your hand.

Better yet, just keep dreaming.

To the Judges:

I've been judged my whole entire life.
I always wonder if it is just plain ignorance.
I realized that it's just human nature.

Most of the time people judge you by your..
- outer appearance.
- disabilities.
- friends.
- family.
- beliefs.
- speech and accent.
- nationality and background.
- religion.
- interests.

Judgments come from ignorance, and vice versa.

Well, basically, I just think y'all dumb fucks, or y'all live in caves.
If you don't know what society is now, then you need to watch some news.

Don't be closed-minded.
You'll get nowhere in life.
Loser! =]

This girl and I had a conversation on how people judge her. People call her slut, whore, etc.. You get my point.

For crying out loud, we're just teenagers. Teenagers are bound to fuck up.
We don't want to listen? Let us learn it the hard way.

I'm not going to lie, I've been called some names. I think it's annoying. It doesn't really bother me because I know who I am; I know what I do. Why would I get mad at something that is not true? Catching emotions towards shit like that just proves them right. My mentality is beyond fucking around with these middle school noggins.

Words hurt, only if you know they're true. Nobody wants to hear the truth. People want to get sunken in in their make-believe stories, so the truth can be lost in oblivion. It's hard to face the truth. It's hard to realize something that you can't take back.


Don't be reckless.
Think before you open your mouth.
Let your thoughts marinate in your head.

I have so many flaws.
I am not perfect.
Nobody is.

"No pictures, please!"

Click the pictures
- for better quality.

The title says it all. =]

Haha. Fuck you, too.
You can never tell if he doesn't want his picture taken,
or if he's just posing.
Look at his pinky. Lol.
Yea, he's probably just posing.
Look at that smile. =]
Damn, he really didn't want his picture taken..
Nahh, he was just a bum sleeping in a subway train.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Observe and Report x Fast and Furious 4

I didn't go to the premiere of any of these movies,
but they're still the same damn movie.
It wouldn't make much of a difference if I watched them today,
or a year from now.

Last night, I went to the movies with Christine and her cousins.
It was a Tuesday, and it was raining.
Free movies? Why not. =]

First movie, Observe and Report.
I mean like, if you enjoy it when people degrade police officers, then yea, it's a thumbs up!

Seth Rogen played a part of a semi-delusional mall cop, Ronnie. He was in love with Brandi, a pretty blond who wore tight outfits with 4 inch heels. Oh yea, she was also a whore. Haha. He needed to take meds to keep him away from insanity. He was special, REALLY SPECIAL.

Anywho, there was this pervert who flashed people with his disgusting, 'chode-ish' penis. Imagine that? At the mall, flashing people with his penis. Ronnie thought that he needed to protect Brandi from the perv. He went ballistic trying to solve the case. He went through odd consequences to achieve his goal.

Well, one of my favorite parts of the movie was when Ronnie and Brandi were having sex. Well, it was more like Ronnie just humping her. Brandi was puking and everything, and he was just riding her. (It was disgusting to the point that it was funny.) She looked like she was definitely unconscious, but when he stopped, she quickly said, "Why'd you stop, motherfucker?" It was nasty, but funny.

Out of all my favorites, my extreme favorite was when Ronnie and the perv had a chasing scene. OH MY GOSH! The perv's malformed body was just ridiculous. His nasty balls were just bouncing everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE! This lasted for a good 5-10 minutes. (Even though, it still couldn't beat Borat's chase scene with his uncle? I think that was his uncle. The fat man that was with him. Anywho, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, then you're a loser. Haha. Joke.)

I never thought about watching this movie. I haven't watched any of the previous once, neither. Yes, pick up your jaws from awe. I haven't watched any.

Anywho, despite my thoughts and judgments about this movie, I watched it. It was actually pretty good. It made me want to see the other three that came out. Good story line and everything. I love looking at the cars. Even though half of the stuff was unbelievable, it was good watching something that made my brain float away from reality.

One thing that caught my attention was that Asians looked weird in the movie. I don't know if it was weird bad or weird good. Maybe because I don't see a lot of Asians in movies? Well, besides Lucy Lui. (She's fucking hot.)

Also, it was funny how this movie made Mexicans look bad.

All in all, I recommend both of the movies. =]

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Justin

Justin, the latest addition to my family (June 17th 2005).
I am about 14 years older than him.
At age 39, my mom thought she was going through menopause.
When she went to the doctors,
they told her that she was 3 months pregnant.

I hate kids, but I love him.

Yupp, he's my model. =]

Just trying out 'Mek'. More pics coming soon..
So keep in tune. =]

PS: V, I want the DXC pics!!!!!!!! NOW!