Saturday, August 29, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

SORRY for the lack of updates. I've been relaxing for the sake of the start of my school year. Yeah. I'll be back on this ish asap-sap. =p

- for better quality.

We went to the mall to get some comida.
No make-up. Well, I don't really wear make-up. Just the eye stuff. Lol.
Yeah, the worst girl ever. Lol. I don't know how to put make-up on.
Insomniac on the run. My bags are acting up.

Inglourious Basterds.
Amazing movie! Even if it was two and a half hours long, it was never boring. There was not a part in the movie that did not keep me entertained.

Christoph Waltz is a pretty fuckin' good actor.
Brad Pitt gots to be one of the most talented actors in the industry.
The Basterds.
"Nein, nein, nein, nein!!!!!"
I absolutely love this movie. Oh man, I don't think I can ever get tired of watching it. I love how Quentin Tarantino did a fabulous job on this movie. Even though Brad Pitt did not have that many lines, he was funny as shit. Also, there were too many subtitles, but the gruesome humor made it manageable to withstand. It was unique, and probably the first war movie that I found hilarious. Yes, it was highly fictional, but it was to stray away from seriousness of the Holocaust, in my opinion at least. Somebody needed to turn it around without being disrespectful, and I believe that Mr. Tarantino had excelled in this matter.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Current Events.

Why do guys cheat?
- Brian M. said, "
Because we're stupid."


Don't hate the player hate the game, right? What the fuck kind of bullshit is that? Nobody likes feeling pain, emotionally, nor physically. Most of the time, guys use cheating as a defense mechanism. I've heard this shit so many times: they cheat because they think their partner is cheating. That's fuckin' dumb. Why won't you ask? If you've been with your partner for a while, you can tell if they're lying or not. Better yet, if the relationship is not working out, get out of it, before anybody gets hurt.

Guys, in general, don't like being vulnerable to any
females, scratch that, to anybody. Vulnerability makes them feel weak to the point where they can be controlled. Males don't like that. They have to be the boss of everything. Eh, I blame the testosterone, and the line of ancient assholes who started the mentality that men are better than women. Usually, males will hurt somebody before they get hurt. Regardless if they've gotten played before, they still act like that. It's complete and utter bullshit. I don't understand why it's so hard for guys to speak their hearts out. They don't know how to translate emotion.

Humans can detect loneliness and desperation, but they can't seem to recognize which is which. For me, I realized that my loneliness caused my desperation. Yeah, not anymore. I got over that phase. I was just obsessed with the idea of having somebody by my side. I rushed. I just wanted to hold hands with somebody, and to accompany me in a movie theater. Just small shit like that. I just needed somebody to cater to me. But, I can wait. =] I have all the time in the world.

I'm single,
and I'm starting to love it.

I've been a pariah my whole life. I need somebody to talk to. I realized that they don't have to be a boyfriend. I must admit that having a male companion to talk to is easier than talking to a female. Males do lack a lot of understanding, and tend to be one- and closed-minded. I need me a gay buddy. I really do. Lol. That would be perfect. =]

I loathe it when people do dumb shit because of the most infinitesimal shit ever. For example: this fellow stopped talking to me because I said 'nigga', called him whack and stupid, supposedly. I was highly intoxicated, and he wasn't. So, our language didn't really coincide. I don't even remember saying shit, but hey, everything happens for a reason. I think it's just dumb though. I know you can't blame everything on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, but this was not that serious, at all.

Anywho, I'm done trusting people. I'm being too nice. I'm going to have my guard up all the time. I'm not going to wait for anybody. I'm done sacrificing. Somebody needs to sacrifice to me. Damn it. It's my turn to get pleased. Lol.

In my opinion, everybody is innately good, but shit in their life made them change. I'm done getting fucked over. I'm done getting backstabbed. I'm not stupid; I was just desperate enough to let a lot of shit slide.

I'm not cocky, but I have never met a guy who didn't want to get in my pants. I just walk away whenever somebody tries shit like that. If you don't respect me, why should I respect you? For all the fuckin' people who took my niceness as a weakness, FUCK YOU! Go suck a dick and choke on it. =P

Have a good one. =]

Monday, August 17, 2009

Philippine Fiesta!

Yeahhh. As you can tell, I really don't have a lot of Filipino friends. I'm not really a fan. Yupp, I will NOT marry a Filipino. Just an insight. Lol.

- for better quality.

Eating some Halo-Halo.
The Folks.
They were going crazy for Gerald and Kim Chu..? I think that's who they are.
When it was our turn to go in, they said that the autograph sessions were finished. HAHA.
Embassy Suites.
The view from the room.
More Flicks.

I just went to please the folks; I ended up leaving anyways. Lol.

Secaucus Junction.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Green Monster.

It's in a person's nature to be jealous or envious. Yeah. I tend to not get jealous from people's looks. I'm content with what I look. Possession wise, it depends. There are a lot of things people can possess, and a lot of them are not in physical matter. I don't remember the last time my happiness prolonged. Everything was and is just ephemeral. All the smiles, all the laughters were and are transitory.

I'm so jealous of the youngins. I want my youth back where I was just carefree. I just went with the flow on everything. Nobody seemed to judge me at anything because it was all blamed on the age. Oh man, I'm going to find the Fountain of Youth. Lol. One day, just like Tuck Everlasting.

I've been from nothing, to something. I know how it feels to want something that you cannot have. From birth until now, my parents try to provide everything and anything to make me happy. Even with not a piso in their pocket, they somehow made a lot of things happen. Life in the Philippines was tough. Soon, I will write a book about it. =] Just wait.

Anywho, I was perusing through this website, and I saw that one of my childhood classmate/friend from the Philippines just got to L. A. Wow. Crazy, right? I wish I was in her position. Why? It was a restart from everything. Walking in into a new country, into a new zip code, surrounded by strangers is a feeling I want to have. I am jealous of her because of this. I want to reboot my system. Start fresh, you know? I want to breathe.

I want the feeling of not knowing anybody. I just want to go somewhere where nobody knows anything about me: Mikki in Wonderland. =P Yes! To achieve that type of cluelessness would just put the icing on my utopia.

Yes, there are a lot of downside to it. It's hard to start over. I know. I lived 11 years of my life in the Philippines before I moved to Jersey, and been to 5 different schools. It's hard not to have anybody to talk to, especially through puberty. HAHA.

Jealousy in relationships is another world filled with pain, and all the drama shit. Lol. It is in human nature to be desirous. I don't believe people when they say that they're not the jealous type. That's another post waiting to happen.

To be continued...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miriam's Kaarawan!

Miriam's 19th birthday.
Here's how it went.
A LOT of pics, by the way.

- for better quality.

AUG. 8th (Sabado)

We saw The Perfect Getaway.
Her Abuela's favorite flower.
Miriam screams at everything.
Lol. Try watching a movie with her. You'll know what I mean.
It would've been a picture of two of my guy friends freaking out, but they didn't. So, I ended up with this. Lol.
The -itis.
Excuse the blurriness.

AUG. 9th (Domingo)

We were going to the Dominican Day Parade in Paterson, but we heard that it was whack.
Miriam does crunches right after she eats.
I think about a thousand?
HAHA. Getting ready to dance.
Yeah, we decided to go to a club instead.
You like our dance moves?
My fave.
She REALLY likes pictures. Lol.

AUG. 10th (Lunes)

We almost died, about 3 times.
Yeah, Miriam was driving. Lol. This bus almost killed us.
"It's getting hot in here, (so hot) ...
... so take off all your clothes...
... I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off..."
Fuck that. I'm staying me.
EATING 24 fuckin' 7. HAHAHA!
These two almost killed me. Lol
I barely laid down, that's why my stomach is pale.
Geez. Lol.
She's got the prettiest eyes in the whole world.
It changes like a chameleon.
EW. Burnt.
Pics from Miriam's telefono.
"Cheetah Girls!"
Yeahhhh. It was mad fun. =]