Monday, May 18, 2009


Haha, yupp.
That's my title for this post.

My goshhh. Hmmmm.

The jump-offs, sluts, whores, and then the pimps and the players.
What has the world gone into? People use these terms as a symbol for promiscuousness.

Hmm, this generalization is kind of bewildering me. -> I don't understand the fact that if a girl is gettin' some, it's a bad thing, but if a guy is, it's a good thing. I know about the diseases and shit, that's a whole other ordeal.

Sex is good, actually, it's great. Why do people get judged upon on what they want to do with themselves? If people get paid for sex, they're prostitutes. If people do it for pleasure, it's malicious. WTF? Especially on the females, people go overboard with the name-calling. The sluts, and etc, etc...

Guys ask girls to chill to try to be slick about wanting to fuck. I mean like come on, it is that obvious. A lot of girls want that, too. Chill to fuck, why not? No emotions, all pleasure.

I still don't understand why if guys get a lot of girls it's a praise....

Hmm, I'm guessing that pussy doesn't have a face? Well, besides having STDs, it doesn't. Dicks have faces, it's the sizes. Hahahaha. It's true though. Sorry, but it's reality folks.

I believe that girls shouldn't be judged just because they're libidinous. Girls can get guys drunk, too. Seriously though, girls love sex as much as guys do. They can just get laid easier. Haha. Guys make it complicated that's why. Don't try too hard; it makes you look desperate.

If you want to fuck just say so. If you don't want a girl that will bug you, just say you want to fuck them. If they get mad, it means they're looking for commitment. Good luck with that one.

If you're in a relationship, being promiscuous is a bad thing, a really bad thing; it's called cheating. DUH! You already know what happens: the guilt. You're conscience will eat you up alive.

So, my advice, before you get into a relationship, fuck all the people you want until you're satisfied and want no more.

Just kidding.

Like that's ever going to happen...

Just kidding, again.

Honestly, I really can't give a good advice considering this subject. Not the best person for it.

Anywho, sex is sacred, also. Making love is another term that sounds better to the ears.

As of right now in this generation, people fuck to fuck. A lot of people don't want that relationship bullshit. Just clean yourselves, and move on with your life. Get a blood test. Just because a girl/guy says they're clean, doesn't mean they are. HIV/AIDS does NOT show any physical symptoms unlike herpes and syphilis. (I was going to put pictures up, but they look too grotesque and disturbing.)

Educate thyselves. =]


  1. i wanna sex u up.

  2. so this is what happens when nature gives u sniffles huh? lol...awesome banner btw.

  3. wat kind of dicks do you like.......smal medium or large...because mine is medium


  5. u never fuckd...u never fukd someone with a medium dick

  6. sorry just curious


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