Monday, June 1, 2009

Any Answers?

(Photo by MacaRonnie.)

It's funny how life have climaxes, but rarely have resolutions.
It's funny how the worst fears come to life in a blink of an eye.
It's funny how, sometimes, everything goes wrong at the same time.

Everybody always look at flaws, but they rarely look at the good side. I guess evil always prevails? Nobody ever acknowledges accolades; they always recognize failures. Maybe, everything was just a failure? No answer.

I thank God for living, but I don't know who to thank for my life. Should I thank myself? I have nobody else to blame it on.

Shit happens for a reason, right? Life takes anything that's good away from you, always. The funny thing is, it all happens at the same damn time. Why? I don't know. Again, no answer.

It's funny how everything turns out, how fucked up it is.
It's funny how karma is a bitch.

It's funny how it's always a fucking surprise.

Got to love life, huh? My ass.
On the other hand, your life is what you make it. =]

Since when I was little, I always wonder why people die. I'm guessing that if people don't die, the world would be overpopulated, right? Yes. Besides that fact, I mean like what's God's purpose for it? Why do people commit suicide? Why do people get murdered? Because they've had their time? Yea right. I highly doubt it. Again, no answer.

Supposedly, everybody has a thing they have to accomplish before they perish. Supposedly, everybody serves a purpose. . - What the fuck does that suppose to mean? Again, no fucking answer.



  1. I think you're making your life a little too complicated. There is an answer for everything, you just can't expect to recieve an answer right at the moment you ask a question. Then when you do get answers, you can't expect it to be the answers you want, that would just make everything predictable.

  2. Obviously, you don't seem to appreciate the surprises life hands you. Suck it up. I do like your blog but than again the rants about how fucked up things are just lost me as a reader. I love how you use the thesaurus too. Just be happy and stop complaining.

  3. I probably am.
    Then again, I'm probably just PMSing. =P

    No thesaurus.
    I actually read the dictionary.

    Thank you for the inputs. =]

  4. Also, it's not even just that. I can handle shit. I just can't handle it when everything comes to me at once. It just keeps piling up; adding to everything, and never going away. Do you know what I mean?

    I love surprises, just not bad ones. It is life, and I have to keep dealing with it. Duh. =P

    I've stopped complaining for a long time.
    This is just one thing. It's not like I blab like this all the time. Even if I look like just the average, I'm a pariah. I have my own little world. Ask the people that know me, they'll tell you. =p

    Also, I know that I am not that old, but you'd be surprised what I've been through.

    Also, I know that everybody has been through alot, probably worse than me.


  5. That's why you handle the problems one at a time so that it won't continue to pile up. It's not bad to ask for help sometimes also, no one expects you to take care of everything by yourself.
    Everyone complains, just don't make it seem like the things you would complain about are the same things everyone else would. Yeah, it may just your opinion, but don't make it seem like there wouldn't be hope for anyone else, since you can't find "any answers."
    You should be thankful for your life, others would have to dream to have just a "normal" life that you have.
    *USA is known to be the spoiled country, most people can afford just about anything, and yet, they remain unsatisfied; they couldn't find the "answer" for their own happiness.

  6. Haha, It's not even that. Really.

    You're taking my post too literal.
    It's meant to be as a figurative.

    I know what you mean how U.S. is spoiled.

    I grew up in the Philippines.

    I know.

  7. All the time, whenever I vent to somebody, I get the same response.

    'I don't know what to tell you.'

    I realized that that didn't help at all.

    I tried. =]

  8. Enjoy being 17 and fucking up.
    I see nothing wrong in the way your living your life, to be honest. You are nice, smart & beautiful girl and you should be enjoying your life to the fullest and not worrying about who to blame or question your mistakes. Your going through a journey that only you can understand. Your on a path of success and with success comes fuck ups, tears & questioning your choices. Everyone including me know exactly what your going through and for a 17 i think you handle your emotions and situations pretty damn well. Life is about the ups & downs. In 10 years you going look back at this blog and laugh. :) make the best of everyday.

  9. This is a blog within a blog.
    Life. How can you explain it? Are there answers for everything? Why aren't there answers for everything? Maybe it's because if there were, life would have a monotonous vibe.
    According to the bible, all humans are sinners because of adam and eve who were the first to sin. So why didn't God just kill them and make a new kind? No answers.
    Starting from my first kiss to the present, I have loved girls maybe more than myself. I used to just play with their minds just for amusement. I thought I was the best...unbeatable...too good...until one day. Rejection. "Why," I asked myself. No answers.
    But then one day I met this one person, this one girl. The way that my body responded was a first time experience. I never felt that before. When my eyes encountered with hers, it's like I found my way in this world. Ever since ithen I've been hooked on her.
    The way I feel about her is not my urge to have her body. I mean for 8-9 months I've been interested in her. Not her body, but her personality, and what I can do to help her in her areas of need.
    But....walls are drawn in front of me. Saying you won't understand...or you don't know what I mean....or I don't want you to know....or its secret.....or every other excuse you could build up just for me not to know. Why? Idk.
    Life is a worn path. For the elderly, it means a constant and repetitive thing every day all the time and you've been through it all. For us, on the other hand, its a journey, a path that has obstacles and hardships we got to face. But in everyones path, there's a hand that is offered that WILL help help through a muddy road or help when you're stumbling over things. That hand is to some people, God, some, parents/family, some, people that LOVE them, etc.
    Don't complicate anything. Just let it do what it does. It you just keep moving and keep striving for the best. There are people, either many or few that love you and drawing walls in their path makes it not harder for them but you don't get that helping hand.
    Why does life bring you to certain things? Who knows. There can't be answers to everything.

  10. WoW that was d33p. that was cute too. hope that h3lps you. awwwh. are you talking about her?

  11. wait sorry stupid qu3stion. do3s this pertain to you and h3r. Tog3th3r?

  12. how cute is he? aww. thats like the sweetest thing i ever read. i think he loves you. do you know him lol before i ask do you love him back?

  13. Burger, amen to you!!!!
    Thanks for your words of wisdom. =]

    As for Moe, thank you to you, too.
    I understand what you mean.

    Lol, as for the peanut gallery over here. JK JK.

    He's a friend of mines.

  14. lol. ar3 you sur3? h3 s33ms mor3 than that. i've b33n r3ading your blog lik3 all th3 tim3 and iv3 never seen a comm3nt as 3ff3ctive as his. lik3 this kid is f33ling yo, i think. i can be wrong. do you know his aim? or yahoo? cuz h3's sw33t.

  15. Awwwww.

    He's a friend.
    Actually, I saw him this weekend.

    Haha, are you trying to get with him? Lol.

  16. h3 s33ms cut3. it would b3 awkward if i hit him up lol. i think h3 only likes you though according to his bloggymijig. ooooh. you did. what happ3n3d? lol. why dont i b3li3v3 that h3's a fri3nd? lol. ar3 you guys talking, bcuz if your3 not, i can try him. lol

  17. I think I know who this is.

    Anywho, he's a friend. Lol.

    Well, I'm not sure who you are.
    I don't know who to tell him to hit up.

  18. deep words man deep words

  19. your shoe laces don't match

  20. Haha, I know.

    They'd been like that since 6th grade. Lol.


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