Saturday, March 27, 2010

Current Events. (5)

AYYYYYYY SHIT. Sorry. I've been feeling like wanting to shoot myself for the longest because teachers have been inconsiderate at the fact that their students have their own life. Well, I finished everything I had to do. HAHA! And I worked the whole week. I am a motherfucking beast!

So, I had to write a short telenovela. It was about Stephania who fell in love with Roberto. She thought that Roberto was going to ask her to marry him, but in truth, he was just going to come out of the closet. He called Juan over, and tried to reason with Stephania, but she couldn't handle the truth! She was only used by Roberto to cover up his true colors. Yeah, and she was impregnated with Roberto's seed. - Lol, long story short.

Yesterday, I finished the whole project 3 hours before it was due, but 2 hours before I had to go to school. Lol. HAHA. SUCKS. Basically, I had an hour of sleep. I had work from 2 pm to 6 pm. Imagine how tired I was. Holy motherfucking shit. After work, Bf and I went out to eat at AppleBees, and went to the movies to see Hot Tub Time Machine. It was actually really funny. I didn't want to see it at first because the of its title; it's just corny out the ass. To my surprise, it was definitely fucking hilarious. Yeah, anything about drugs and sex is definitely humorous. Lol. I'm going to write a review soon, hopefully.

Trust me, as soon as I get the ample amount of time to ponder about life, I shall type down the most intellectual shit ever! Yeahhh, I'm still here; alive and breathing. =]

Oh yeahhh, and this kid kept me busy.
"Happy happy joy joy!"


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