Thursday, March 4, 2010

Current Events. (4)

Hello there.
(Peep the marks my sunglasses left mi nariz. Lol. And, I definitely need to do something about my hair.)

Evidently, my posts are about whatever I want them to be;
therefore, enjoy my nonsensical bullshits.

As you all know, I've been working at Charlotte Russe as a sales associate. Walking around the store and repetitively saying, "Hi, how are you?" all day long is not my ideal job, but shit, money is money. Something is better than nothing. FEEL ME?! I applied at some other jobs because I feel the need to seek better opportunities. I'm not saying my job is bad; it's just that I don't get sufficient amount of hours. And, I feel like I work, work, and work, but my wallet is still empty. WTF?

I lost 10 lbs. POW! I'm about 106-ish lbs, well, at least the last time I weighed myself. I've been neglecting food because I need to lose weight for the summer, nor do I even have time to eat. Also, I've developed a bad habit of depending on energy drinks, such as: Amp, Monster, and 5-Hour Energy Shot.

MY FUCKING FACE IS BREAKING OUT? WTF?! I don't know what to do. I'm getting uglier by the damn minute. FUCK THIS SHIT. FUCK FUCK FUCK! Blah.

Bf and I are still together. We're having some 'technical difficulties', but it'll get better. From reading a lot of couples' statuses on Facebook, it seems like him and I aren't the only ones who are diagnosed with drama. As of right now though, we're handling it pretty well.

Myloserself pre-ordered Alice in Wonderland (IMAX 3D) movie tickets. I can't miss that movie. My husband is in it. =] Johnny Depp baby, here comes Momma!
ALSO, I got my freaking Hello Kitty debit card!
One of the many reasons why I want to leave New Jersey.
My mom stole my camera, took these pictures, and left my camera on, for several hours... SMH.


  1. First, wow you would have a hello kitty debit card. talk about asian persuasion haha
    Second, this damn snow is annoying, which is why cali = amazing hahahaha
    Third, congratz on the jobb, but chill on the energy drinks, sheesh. bad bad bad.
    Fourth, really? alice in wonderland tix? lol tht movie looks oddly done haha

    oh and just as a footnote, i just found out at CCM, instead of accepting 120 students in the nursing program, they cut it down to 80 >.<

    just thought you should get a warning b4 I see yu this fall, righ? :) and congratz on the loss of ten pounds. :)


  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. Yeah man, you saw my tattoo right?

    AND, It's Mr. Tim Burton. Come on. One of my favorite directors. Plus, Johnny Depp. =] Two thumbs up!

    Oh dudeeeee. I just finished everything this week. WTF. Uhhhhhh. I'll be bummed out if I don't get in. I think they cut it because people keep dropping the damn shit. It gets too difficult.

  3. you might be breaking out because of your new diet. energy drinks are carbonated and have mad sugar in them and not eating doesn't really give you the nutrients you need to promote healthy skin and skin renewal. try to drink like protein shakes instead and (my personal secret) eat baby food when you get little food cravings but don't want alot of calories/to gain weight. i only eat the fruit ones and they're really good!

  4. i bet the snow can be a pain but its on the westcoast dont even get the chance to smell any snow lol.
    my face is very sensitive so it tends to break out too.. grrr!

    do a review on the movie after you watch it k.

  5. btw. no mik, i haven't seen your tat

  6. @lalaliybean I'm trying to work out now, but my 'used-to-be' work schedule was hectic. Since my manager and I had a quarrel, I wouldn't be seeing much of her. Thanks, also, for the advice. =]

    @Miss.Fortune HATE COLD! AND, yeah. I need to do a review on Shutter Island, and Alice in Wonderland.

    @Daze Dude, check it out on Facebook.

  7. 10 lbs? That's what's up! I need to hop non the band wagon because I'm trying to look right for this trip to Vegas. I really didn't expect Alice to be like it was.. I'm a big fan of Mr. Burton's films but I'm not so sure about this Alice movie..

  8. Haha. I probably gained it back. OH MY GOSH, just wait for that post. Lol. I agree with you though.

  9. your tat of the hello kitty bow?
    i saw tht already, lol but you said it wasn't done yet, so i assumed tht there's more i haven't seen?



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