Sunday, January 17, 2010

Devil Child!

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It's about Her: The End of the Road?

Let me tell you something! Church people are a bunch of damn hypocrites, well, most of them. As Bf mentioned, people who have a rank in their religion's hierarchy think that they can boss anybody around.

So last night, I went to my friend's gathering for her church. First of all, her family does not like me; they think that I'm a bad influence to her. To keep a long story short, my name was mentioned in some inane situation, and I got bullshit for it. Anywho, so I thought it was going to be cool to hang out and meet new people. I mean like, church folks, right? Niceness all over the damn place! Yeah, ok. Not at all. We went somewhere to get some pizza and by the time we got back to the place, some lady started runnin' her mouth. Supposedly, the most positive lady was yelling at her because I was with her. ARE YOU FUCKIN' SHITTING ME? For crying out loud, she's fuckin' 18 years old. I believe that she knows what's right and what's wrong. Nobody is perfect, and everybody makes mistakes. Church people are not suppose to be all fuckin' uptight and shit, so I thought. I always knew that church people are the nicest, and most accepting kind of people there is, but I just changed my mind. Fuck outta here.

So, she started telling the lady that the reason I was there was so people can pray for me, or some shit like that. WTF? Are there horns and a tail growing on me? That shit is not cool. I don't like the fact that she made me sound like some dying prostitute on the corner who is in need of God in her life. Just kidding, but I sure felt like some worthless, chewed-up, piece of shit. Her parents wanted a restraining order on me. Like damn... Am I really that bad of a person?

That deserved the Stank Face.

I'm not that religious. I go to church at times, and I pray, but this kind of situation makes me want to be a damn Atheist. People need to believe in something to keep their sanity, but some church congregations are cult-like. SMFH. Sure can't blame everything on the a-a-a-aaalcohol, but you can blame everything and anything on religion.

Some pictures from last night/this morning. I got it off of my friends Facebook. Lol.




  2. Oh man, this is AMY. Lol. You should've came.

  3. One thing you have to realize is that there are different type of 'religious' people. You have the orthodox who have strict beliefs and traditions so they are quick to denounce anyone who is either against or not following the strict traditions. But overall it's mockery to act so 'up tight' when Christians should act according to how Jesus would. When people of any faith pronounce their believability in the higher being and then turn around and do distasteful things it makes those who do not believe stay true to their non-belief. Don't worry about it. Continue to pray. :D

  4. I understand where you're coming from. I know damn well they are not as much of an Orthodox. It's funny how I see some contradictions, but it's not of my place to say anything. I just go with the flow. Jesus, right? But supposedly, he did not accept homosexuals.. Eh, religion is just ludicrous.

    Regardless if I'm confused of whom or what to worship, I still pray. It sounds uncanny, but that's what it is right now.

  5. Man hell yea!
    I havent been to church since i was little
    moms be tryin that slick shxt n ask me to go but im nt up for a setup
    tired of bein told imma burn in hell for sleepin w. grls n dressin like a boy
    like is that any of your business neways?
    pastors, revs, priests, they all suppose 2b a direct connection to God but my God doesnt judge me.
    pick up a bible
    b4 i smack you w. mine!
    *drops mic and walks off*

  6. maybe you should ask yourself why they feel that way about you?

  7. I've done that; it's one of the obvious.

  8. yet another reason i don't "do" church. i believe in god, i pray for better things, and i have all the morals but i don't feel like ihave to report to a building and have someone make me feel woeful for my humane mistakes and inconsistencies. also i find that the deeper people are in religion, the more judgmental they tend to be because certain concepts have been so deeply embedded into their heads that any oppositions are like blasphemy to them.

  9. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit. Exactly! I know that's not everybody, but it applies to most of them. They're becoming some cult-like institute; they're slowly burying the whole point of 'Godliness'. I don't think it's a necessity for people to have anybody brainwash them to the obliviousness of a religion. If God gave everybody the power of choice, then let them have it.


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