Thursday, January 28, 2010

Puerility - Pt. 2

(Puerility - Pt. 1)

I believe that maturity comes from experiences, not from age. Teenagers usually have the tendency to have that know-it-all and the fuck-it attitude. Blame it on the puberty. BUT, some of them are just fucking ignorant and bored. I don't understand the point of starting rumors, or lying just for the fuck of it.

Anywho, I'm going to use letters as a replacement for their names, you know, like variables. I'm not the type of person to use anybody's name for my own benefit, nor anybody else's.

As you all know, I'm happily taken. I hardly go out because I respect Bf's requests. I have changed my ways; not saint-like, but somewhat more stable.

So, one day, A hit me up and told me that B was talking straight caca about me. A told me to watch out because B is being fake, like a Barbie. (YES, there was an implication.) B supposedly told A that I was trying to get with some dude, or some shit. I find that extremely amusing. The dude that B was talking about grabbed my phone off of my hand and called his phone to get my number. I had no intentions of giving him my number, nor will I ever have any. I don't understand what B's shenanigans were all about, so I confronted B, and B claimed that B's mouth was shut. I just nodded, and walked away. A told me that it's funny because B supposedly lied to my face.

An instance like this is just an evidence of naiveness from a typical, teenage drama. Honestly, I do not give a flying-fuck about the whole she-said-he-said shit. I confronted B to show B that I acknowledged B's disease of the diarrhea of the mouth, and it seems to be spreading. Regardless if it was real or not, I would most likely believe what I want to believe. It came to it's demise anyways.

I have been there, and done that. It's not worth it to act like savages because of a lie. I am indifferent to all this inanity. Also, I understand and try to figure out people's normality from their actions and vernacular. I'm not saying that I have a Ph.D., but it's just common sense. Basically, I can tell if they're fibbing. I learned that being observant is one of the cures for bullshit.

I got my camera from The Girl Project today!


  1. Im so happy im on your blog to the right !! Love you mean it !! Bahehahea. Punch buggie no punch back. Lmao good times ow that hurt lol yu said to hit yu in ya head. Lmao !! Peace <3

  2. well.. this whole passing of the rumors is veryy immature. it shows that you can not trust ppl as we think. but even if we try to avoid trusting people so rumors don't get spread...

    ...people still tend to hate and spread rumors -_- freaking bull. it comes with the whole high school scene i guess. lmao

  3. Whatever happened to the project?

  4. Uhm. I forgot all about it because I was busy. Lol. I tried making the deadline, but I didn't want to put bullshit pictures in it; I just never sent it in. SMH at me.


Gracias for the input. =P

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