Thursday, January 7, 2010

Current Events. (2)

(JAN. 1ST - JAN. 7TH)

I had to take care of Him. He drank a little too much. Yeah, one too many shots... SMH. And so, He said that He'll never drink again... NEVER say never. Lol. I extremely slowed down on alcohol though. I don't need my liver failing by the time I turn 21.
Cheetah girls! =p Miriam is back from college.
Anywho, I'm not really in a mood to type up some of my epiphanies. Haha. Uh, I gained weight, so I'm overweight for my height. It sucks. =/ I really need to find a job though. I've applied for about 4 or 5 and none of them called me back. I feel worthless at the fact the that Mc Donald's didn't even hire me. SMH!!! Momma said it wasn't worth it. I'm applying at Applebee's and Weis later today, hopefully. I feel like a straight bum, and I hate it. I go to school around 7:20 a.m., be back home before 12 p.m, and I would not do anything after. I barely get homework. I NEED something to do. It's too cold to run outside. Getting a job is the perfect solution.

To the persons who know me, they know damn well that my room is a pigsty. HAHAHA. I've been trying to clean it since forever. When I do clean it, it only stays like that for two or three days. Geez. I feel as if I have all the time in the world, but I find it bizarre at the fact that I really have not achieved anything. =/


  1. try hospitals. pay is good, even for workin in the kitchen.
    and it def is a good way to get your foot in the door for nursing.

  2. I'm in search of a job as well.. Good luck on your search!!

  3. I felt like that when I wasn't in school, but now I am so I don't feel work is for me...I can't tackle both. Don't feel like a bum!

  4. I say focus more so on school for the time being and a job will come around eventually. It's a recession so you know like everything is hard for everyone.

  5. Hospitals take too long. Lol. But, I might take the thing for CNA so I can get started.

    Thanks lovely. =]

    My school is not the important right now. I'm a senior in HS. Lol. I'll try to. =p

    Yeah, but there is only one class that gives me homework. There's really nothing to keep focus on. My friend told me that recession was over a month ago. LOL!

    -- THANK YOU!!! Mucho appreciated.

  6. ...nice blog! [random, i know!] lol

  7. i've been OD drunk before & the next day i said i'd never drink again, onths later i was back to drinking; just not bacardi, because of the horrible experience i've had with it. even the smell repulses me.

    & ass for the job hunt, at least your name isn't malahia, i've applied for 7+ jobs and NO ONE'S called me back :( lol

  8. Thanks. =]

    Yeah, I've said the same thing, but Bf isn't really much of a drinker. He doesn't know his limits, and he binge drinks, which is really horrible. I've gotten alcohol poisoning with Hennessy, but it's still my favorite drink. Lol.

    I live in a predominantly white neighborhood, and my name is Mikki. Lol. I definitely understand how you feel.


Gracias for the input. =P

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