Friday, January 8, 2010


So, people always ask why my name is 'SNEAkUHbUTT'. It means that I like sneakers and badonkadonks. HAHAHA. Wondering why it's not sneakERbutt? When I was in middle school, I thought it was cool to misspell words on purpose. I just never changed it.

Anywho, I used to be OBSESSED with sneakers. I used to get about 4 or 5 pairs a month for no reason. Since January 2009, I started slowing down with the purchases, mainly because I had no job, and the fact that I was just getting sick of it. Summer of 2009, I hardly wore sneakers. I wore the same pair of gladiators my mom got me. Lol. The main reason why I started wearing those sandals is because I didn't want to get the sock tan line. Lol. I ended up loving them anyways. Sneakers are cool, to a certain extent. I used to spend about $100 for a pair. SHIT!! I can get 2 pairs of nice boots for that amount of money. I'm not a ball player, so I don't see the necessity of having over a hundred pairs.

Bf also told me that sneakers are not feminine; he's correct. I'm tired of looking like I'm about to play ball everywhere I go. My mom told me that my style will change eventually, and it did.

BUT, sneakers made me unique, back when nobody was all up on JB's ass. SMH to the hypebeasts; no offense. Also, I used to rock kicks a lot because I noticed that guys appreciated/noticed it/me more. Lol. I was going through puberty... Shit. ALL I wanted was attention, but now, I could really care less. I wear what I want, and what's comfortable. Go UGGS!!!! Yeah, sneakers make people's feet look nasty.

Take a look at some of the kicks. I would take a group picture of all my sneakers, but it's too difficult to put them all back in their boxes. Also, JordanDepot had a little segment about SNEAkUHbUTT.

Now, I constantly wear the same pair of black boots. Lol.

HEYYYYY! Take a look at what I saw the other day...
It tried to hop over the fence, but poor Bambi got caught.


  1. thats whussup! Getting your grown and sexy on!

  2. oh damn. I looove sneakers!!! & deresz no need for me to try to be feminine lol. & oh emm gee! Babmi gets no air ova the fence! S M H!!


  3. u have an award on my page =] go get it!


  4. =] Grown and sexy.

    I diggg, but I like the feminine look for some reason. =p Yezr, I'ma check it out.

    Sheesh to what? Lol

  5. Yeh sneakers will get you noticed on the TomBoy friend tip. Like a female you can relate to and chill and kick it with, but no dudes gonna be like "She loves SB's and J's just like me? Love at first sight"

  6. Lol, well hey, it happened before. I've been into sneakers for a couple of years now. You'd be surprise what the 'sneaker culture' have.

  7. im so dead @badonkadonks lol anyhoo im mad u got bambi posted comatose a la fence lol


Gracias for the input. =P

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