Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

I was going to give a brief history on this ish, but I got perezosa. Lol.

Uh yeahhh... As I always say, it's better late than never.

My shit was ironic-ish. I had work from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. I wasn't scheduled, but I was asked to come in. Money makes me get up early on a not-school day. Lol.

Anywho, Bf and I just planned to order Chinese food and watch movies at my house. He wasn't feeling too well, so basically, he was sleeping all day. He asked if I was going to get mad if we didn't hang out, and I told him I would. DUH! Yes, it was selfish of me, but that's how I felt. I told him that I would get over it, eventually. He's not really into Valentine's day, nor he is the romantic type. He claims that it's a 'girl holiday'. HAHA. Also, it's weird how he and my father has the same mentality. Eh, we ended up hanging out anyways. We watched the All Star basketball game, and just relaxed. Ultimately, it was a good night. And, I got him a card and a box of chocolate peanut butter Teenie Poppers from Gertrude Hawk. =]

P.S.: I'm still waiting for my card. =P

"I love you."
(I took a picture of me a while back, and my hand was positioned incorrectly. I apologize for the misleading gesture.)

I don't think Valentine's day should be the only day when guys and ladies show the utmost affection for their partners; it should be 24/7. "It's such a Hallmark holiday..." said this lady at my job. She's correct. I feel like a hypocrite for agreeing. I mean like shit, who doesn't like getting flowers and all that? Lol. I believe that everybody can agree with me that people like the feeling of appreciation.

I'm an easy person to make happy. Regardless if the feeling is ephemeral or not, I would appreciate it like it was 2012. I keep everything for sentimental value. I have a few rose petals from my first rose I recieved for Valentine's day. I like little shit. I would rather have something that means a lot, than have something that was worth a superfluous amount of money. That's all unnecessary; it's the simple things that make living worth while.


  1. Thank's For Being My First Comment On The New Blog Hopefully More Ppl Start To Fellow...

    But Yea V-day Was Better To U Then I Was Me..Hey At Least I Got Myself Sumpthing..lol

  2. lmfao i am the same way as your boyf and your dad. i think valentines day is such a cheesy holiday and I'M A GIRL! i also will get up at the crack of dawn to go to work but still hit the snooze button to make my 2pm classes lol. money talks!

  3. i agree..i feel like we should show our love and affection for our partners everyday BUT valentines day is really whatever you make it.
    if you have a loved one, show them what valentines day means to you.
    this year i didnt expect a thing from my boyfriend but he gave me more than i ever thought i would receive.
    am i happy, yes
    does it define our relationship? no..
    so yes i agree..

  4. @Kid Polo- You're welcome. =]

    @lalaiybean- Lol, well hey. That's good that you defy his theory. C. R. E. A. M. !!!!

    @Miss.Fortune- I was upset because I wanted more that what I was getting. Lol. But Bf is who he is, and I need to accept that. Surprises are always good, in my opinion. =] You're absolutely right though.


Gracias for the input. =P

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