Friday, February 12, 2010

Same shit...

...different baño.

At times, he would tell her crap that she wants to hear to shut her the fuck up. It's funny how she knows this, but she still tries to give it a chance, whatever it is. Also, it is amusing to her that they are reiterations of last week, the week before, and the week before that week, and so on. He's starting to sound like a broken CD. (No offense intended.) Well hey, people have flaws. It seems to be in the human nature to fuck up on purpose. Haha. Well, she's forgiving, or maybe she's just the smartest dummy. She knows he means well, and she knows that he knows that she's definitely fucking worth it. Lol. Shittttt. It seems like she's not important, but he claims that she is. She understands his situation. She only asks for time. Not the crumbs, but the whole damn pie. She closes her eyes, and ponders. She realized that just because she feels for him in some exaggerated form of infatuation (LOL) that it doesn't mean he is obligated to feel the same way. She's not a fool for falling for him; she's just human. He's a fool for not falling for her; she wonders if he's an extraterrestrial life-form. HAHA. Even though, he is still amazing to her eyes for some outlandish reason.

Eh, it's still funny how people fill others with shit of the bulls.

Got bullshit?
Bite thy lip, breathe, and shut the fuck up.


  1. the smartest dummy? damn that contradicts like a muthafuxer. lmao

    this def seems like an anciet proverb in here somewhere. somethin about ending and beginning again in a cycle or somethin. can't really put my finger on it.

    and the last quote
    "Bite thy lip, breathe, and shut the fuck up."

    -prob one of the best quotes i've heard so far this year.

    good shit mik

  2. LOL this is dope
    "Well, she's forgiving, or maybe she's just the smartest dummy" i like that.
    I stay callin ppl that smartest dummy l0l



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