Sunday, November 8, 2009


- Inability to sleep.

I hate this. I have a lot of moments where I can't sleep at all. I'm so tired right now, and I can't sleep. WhatTHEEfuck?! A lot of times, I be going to school with an hour or no sleep at all, out of twenty-four hours. I don't want to look like a grandma by the time I'm twenty. Shit. I want to go to sleep, but my body and mind are not cooperating with me. I need me some Lunesta or something. I lasted with forty minutes of sleep out of forty-eight hours, and it wasn't fun at all. I broke down crying because I wanted to sleep so bad, and I couldn't. SMFH...

(Wonder why I have a series of pictures like this?
I did a self-photoshoot. Lol. I was bored.)

Tell me why I'm starting to get a pimple on my nose. Lol.

So, my friends and I went to the city earlier today.
I have tons of pics, and I will post them as soon as I can.

Today was just bittersweet though.

My boyfriend is amazing, as I mentioned from the previous post, but he can be hypocritical at times. I tell him certain stuff, but I feel like whatever I say just goes one ear and out the other. I just don't like thinking of stupid scenarios of shit that can happen. It's worse than actually knowing reality. Assumptions are annoying, and it makes me crazy. It gives me a peace of mind to know facts for some uncanny reason. Even if actuality is worse than my thoughts, I'd rather know, than think.

It's 5 am, and I bet that my bags are like from Grandma's eyes..
I'm going to try to sleep.
I'll be back soon, hopefully. =p


  1. You fell in love again? what is this 29 times this year already?

  2. I'm not in love. LOL.
    I was never in love.

  3. At times I feel like I have sucks.

  4. Yeahh. Momma told me that it's all mental; just a figment of my imagination, supposedly.

  5. this has nothin to do wit nothin but ur tattoo is hot


Gracias for the input. =P

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