Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Lol, random pic. I thought it was funny. It has nothing to do with the post. HAHA.

I stole this from LALALIYBEAN, who got it from Reese, who jacked it from some other people, and so the list goes on. Lol.

:1: MY EX- is Jamaican, and can sing.

:2: MAYBE I SHOULD- start exercising.

:3: I LOVE- my laptop, my iPod, and all my stuff, my family, PORN, Japanese food, and dark chocolate.

:4: PEOPLE WOULD SAY THAT I'M- uncanny, well, more like unique.

:5: I DON'T UNDERSTAND- human beings who, from birth, have penises and testicles.

:6: WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING- I check what time it is.

:7: I LOST- my optimism.

:8: LIFE IS FULL OF- inane, random bullshit.

:9: MY PAST IS- grotesque.

:10: I GET ANNOYED WHEN- shit doesn't go my way.

:11: PARTIES ARE- like an escape from Earth.

:12: I WISH- for happiness. (Damn, I sound emo. Lol.)

:13: DOGS- are fuckin' mean, especially Shayna's evil little shit she calls Checkers.

:14: CATS- are afraid of water.

:15: TOMORROW- is another day.

:16: I HAVE LOW TOLERANCE- for smelly breath.

:17: IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS- I would buy me a car, and use the rest to make it rain in my room. HAHA.

:18: I'M TOTALLY TERRIFIED- of shit that doesn't exist, like the Boogeyman. (I sleep with the lights on. Lol.)

Yes, Random. Lol. New Nine West heels; new addition to the family. =]
So in love with them. =p


  1. I love your blog layout, did you make it?
    If so, wanna soup up my bullshit of a layout?

    Random blog but it answers enough, if not a lot.
    Aye, big up the Caribbean!

  2. Thanks. =p

    I kinda just roamed through the net, and added them together. Just search through the web, like blog layouts. I just use certain codes I like. =p

  3. U should take more pics like this rly cute... this reminds me of bf cuz he loves when i wear heels lol does yours... love your blog by the way


Gracias for the input. =P

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