Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm such in a s h i t t y mood. I can't even function. I really can't. I'm bewildered by everything. My thoughts are floating somewhere I can't reach. My brain is fried. I almost died. I keep almost dying. Shit is too fuckin' funny. Alliterations are fuckin' fun.

All the shit I know is fading a w a y.

CREEPY fuckin' picture.
Insomniacccccsssss! Raise your mugs up!
Where the coffee at? ERRED. HAHA, semantics.

It's crazy, insane, ridiculous. I'm sitting here. Trying to fuckin' rationalize shit, and my fuckin brother is yelling. Fillin' the air with the unessential-ness of his voice. I add ness to make anything a fuckin' noun. It's fuckin' fun. I can't park for shit. I can't back up for shit. Sometimes, I wonder why I have my license. I hate stupid fucking people who speaks with the intention of being grammatically incorrect. "What it do, son?" "What your name is?" Just in a shitty-ass-fuckin' mood. Have you ever loved someone? So much you thought you'll die? Givin' so much of yourselffffffffffffffffffffff. Ay. I wonder why they call you bitch.

I WONDER WHYYY..Y...Y..Y.. . Y .. ..Y Y Y Y Y ..Y Y YYY ?

I'm tired; physically lackin' of energy. ZAP! New tat, soon. Hopefully. Feels so gooddddd. M&Ms.

Take a look at the mirror. Tell me what do you see.
Two people, holdin hands. Take a chance.
Fly away. Away from this. Kiss.
I love the word g r a t u i t o u s.
Hurt. Physically. Mentally.
Yes! Pain goes along with it perfectly.
Do YOU like that subtle-ness?
Bad mood. Horrible.
Teenage pregnancies. My goodness.
Indifference. Let out. Vivacity .Evolve.
Yes, overly underestimated.
Read closely, sweetheart.
It's obvious.
Can't take my eyes off of you. Crazy Bitch.
.C ..R
..A ...A
...N ....I
....D .....N
.....Y ......!


I'm left without a paddle.

I need a drink.
I'm out.


  1. your a crazy slut for him

  2. HAHAHA. Please consider reading the title.

    I was just having a bad day.
    I felt like writing something, so I did. =]

  3. dam..share that shit ur on

  4. You should stop drinking.

  5. I bet the other anonymous person who writes to Mikki is Vulkan.

  6. sneakuhbutt you need help

  7. Can I lick you in between yo legz?

  8. I wasn't on ANYTHING. I don't do stupid shit anymore, besides drinking.

    That's how my thoughts are on writing. Lol.

    'Spontaneous Combustions' for a reason. =]

  9. Mikki. I love you. And you hurt me when you do stupid shit. And when I tell you something and you don't fucking listen. It sounds like you don't fucking take me serious. So I won't take fucking to say shit no more because it is vain.

  10. last sentence i meant ***********so i wont take fucking time to say shit to you no more because it is vain.**************

  11. everyone above me is a fag

  12. Vulkan is always on this blog and righting to mikki i no! that for sure Vulkans face needs help it must be sucks waking up everyday going to the bathroom and seeing your face all bumpy and with tons of scars i feel for the guy i really do ...thats why he wears his hat so low to hide is face but i feel for the fat guy :(

  13. wow...these anonymous comments are on some other shit. Mikki you should consider changing your settings so that only registered users can comment.

  14. HAHA, it's ok.

    Let them voice their opinion.

    Everybody has a choice.


  15. well said mikki let us voice our opinion's cuz i have a lot to say to any hater like vulkan ...ha!


  16. well said mikki let us voice our opinion's cuz i have a lot to say to any hater like vulkan ...ha!


  17. imma fillet mignon dat puzzy

  18. Funny how you know drinking is stupid.
    You no longer seem very intelligent to me.
    Well, you were never intelligent, you just have a great amount of vocabulary.
    I wonder how many DUIs you'll receive in the future, or already have.

  19. shut the fuck up hoime go sit in a steam room !!! or something its good for your face

  20. Drinking, in general, is not stupid.
    How it's abused is stupid. Lol.

    I was never intelligent? So, you're calling me stupid? Lol. I beg to differ.

    It's all good. Everybody has their own opinions.

  21. Intelligent educational wise, sure.
    Not so much physically wise.

  22. Yeah. I've been told.

    It's only a phase, in my opinion.

    That's what happened with my smoking habits. I just stopped out of nowhere, without even trying.

  23. im on twitter now..follow me!!

  24. she loves the drama, thats why she keeps the annoymous setting, no one that comments annoymous cares about your damnblog, they wanna hear the whore details.


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