Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

First thing is first, I got to admit that it's not the best Harry Potter film. It's good, but not the best. Also, it's the longest out of all of them. I have the books, but I don't read them. HAHA. I'm just not into those type of stories. It's extremely fictional. I like the movies though. I love watching something that creates another level to my imaginative world.

The title alone doesn't really play a big role into the movie. Hmmm, how can I explain this. I mean like, the movie had little parts. They sort of coincide with one another, but it was more random than anything. It would jump from one place to another. Also, there were a lot of hormonal activities going on. Everything was based on love; they had love potions, tons of them. The movie made Ginny, Ron's sister, look like a slut. Lol. Every scene you'll see her with some guy, or guys. Tsk, tsk, for Harry, all that kissing and such. Basically, the movie just showed that even if they differ from others, they are still teenagers. In my opinion, that was the main idea of it. It had some interesting parts, but it was so infinitesimal.

As I said, I don't really read the books, but the Half-Blood Prince has barely something to do with the movie. It has something, but it was so... minuscule. I don't mean the actual character, but the name. Where did he get the Half-Blood Prince as a title? Why was he called that? You know? It was just eh.. frustrating. Usually, in Harry Potter movies, the title has some significance. For me, it seems like they just added it for no reason. It was inane.

It has nice special effects though; actually, it was pretty amazing. It made it look real. =] It was better than Transformers. Tsk, tsk.

Oh man, I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland to come out!!!
(Tim Burton's film with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.)

Baby Justin.
Random picture of me. =]


  1. pogi si justinn! lmao :)

    anywayss, the title half-blood prince was sort of like a new level of realization harry has gained is another step in learning more about himself and his past as well as the past of his enemies.


  2. But wasn't the 'Half-Blood Prince' his protector before? And that deal was just confusing. Lol.

    I think I need to watch it 2 more times. Lol.

  3. Hey Mikki,

    I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on your blog. You are a compelling writer and you do a great job of covering your interests while also presenting your thoughts on popular culture. I strive to do the same with my blog. Thanks so much for the insight you bring. I definitely enjoy reading! By the way, I'm loving the Jordan III's in your pic.


    Max Gibson

  4. Thank you.

    Best comment by far. =]

  5. hey i saw your pic on that kids flickr gotta admit he got a eye for dope shots

  6. "daze" is fucking stupid. Well, either that or they didnt read the books. The "Half-Blood Prince" was Severus but throughout the BOOK, Harry believes that it is either his father or Sirius.

    Anyway, this blog sure does generate alot of traffic.


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