Monday, July 27, 2009

Expulsion of Fetus

Best known as an A B O R T I O N.

My friend and I were talking about this last night, and it went out of hand. Yelling and all that.

Here are just some random thoughts. They are either pros or cons, where ever the light shines.
  • For the philanthropists out there, you must hate the idea of stopping a human being for being born.
  • Teenagers who do not get abortions usually give their babies for adoption. It's good for people who can't conceive.
  • I wonder how many kids grew up in foster homes though.
  • Teenagers who give their baby away are more likely to be broken, physically and mentally.
  • After pregnancies, women can develop Postpartum/Postnatal Depression (PPD).
  • After abortions, women can suffer from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS).
  • Shit happens. People make mistakes, no matter how old.
Anywho, my friend and I were having a convo. He said that the 'baby' should not be blamed on the fact that the woman is pregnant. "It's not the baby's fault." First of all, technically, it's a fetus. The first visible heartbeat can be seen within the 5th to 6th week into the pregnancy. Most of the time, women, especially teenagers, are more likely to get an abortion during their first trimester. I mean like, yeah, heartbeat and all that, but it's still an 'it'. How ruthless do I sound right now? It's reality though.

I gave him an example. A little fucked up one, but it's possible.

Girls get their period at any age now. All them shit in the processed food made little girls get their lady-hood early. Yeah, hormones and all that. My friend's little sister got her first cycle when she was nine years old. That's not even a double-digit. Anywho, as I was saying, if a 13 year-old gets raped by some fucking, nasty, low-life, pedophile, and gets her pregnant.. What can she do?
  • Have the baby. - Yes, in some cases, the baby will be a constant reminder of the forced copulation incident. - It will fuck up the teenager, mentally and physically. - Most likely, the baby will be put into adoption, unless the folks have her back.
  • Not have the baby. - How? Either Plan B, or some other contraceptive pill, or abortion. - It will fuck up the teenager, mentally and physically. - It will just be distant memory.
ABORTION is a fuckin' nasty process. (Well, there is also a medicated abortion. No machine, but medicine.) How can I sum this up...? Hmmm. Imagine a foot ball, stuck inside a balloon, then use a vacuum to suck it out. Lol. Something like that. That's one process. Doctors can also use curettes and forceps. Another variable depends on the trimesters: first, second, or third. (I put the pictures in links because they may cause vomiting.) Anybody who gets an abortion during their last trimester is a fuckin' killer. Really.

I shall stop right here.
There are so many conflicts towards this subject.
I'll just leave you alone for your eyes to peruse,
and for your head to ponder.

So, are you
or pro-life?


  1. Never inconvenience yourself for someone else. pro-choice

  2. There is no definitive answer, some people will say 'yay abortion' some people will say 'nay abortion' then you have those who simply don't give a fuck .. which one are you ??

    I personally do not give a fuck ..

  3. pro-life for me. its not in our right to take away life butGods i believe. and yea, shit happens but still, deal.
    and actually outta all the teans who get pregnant a year, half end up in abortions and only about 1% give into adoption according to stats i heard on Mtv's 16 & pregnanr, so um yea.
    and its not actually necessary that someone will be scared for life if the give away their baby or get an abortion. be realistic. most ppl who do abortion most likey dont care. and yea, there is counceling for everything these days if u need help in all sorts of situations so big deal.

  4. Yeah, there's always both sides to the story.

    Personally, I'm pro-choice.

  5. I'm Pro Choice in cases of rape and such but otherwise if your just young and made the wrong decision then I believe that adoption should be mandatory instead of aborting a fetus. There are tons of people willing to adopt children that are newborns. If I had the means then i would adopt later in life.

  6. Yeah, but aren't there already enough children who are growing up in foster homes? That's not cool. If it was something like Juno, then yeah.

  7. heres someething that kinda relates but when you take the abortion pill, you basically squeeze out pieces of clotted blood the size of lemons.


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  9. i'm a 26 year old mother of a 2 year old and i am 7 weeks pregnant and researching abortion. adoption is NOT a viable option. it's ridiculous for anyone to suggest that it is a means of taking care of the situation. most cases are not like juno, white babies are highly marketable, non-white babies, toddlers, children, youngsters, teens, are undesired by a vast majority of "loving" parents. it is MY genetic material. i pay MY own insurance. i receive NO government assistance, i will do as i see fit. i'm not a christian, i do not believe in a monotheistic god. i am very upset about the situation i have put myself in, and i will not be going down this road again. but i am sick of those who either cannot or have not gotten pregnant behaving as if they have ANY IDEA what those 9 months can do to a person and their body. it is offensive on so many levels that you all have such detailed opinions about what the next person ought to do. i don't see ANY of you offering to take this or any other child as soon as it's born, the closest is someone who said they may adopt later if they are able to get around to it. abortions are not new, they have been around since women could get pregnant. citing the bible is RIDICULOUS. the bible is so full of erroneous false misleading misogynistic crap. jesus is mentioned as an after thought, and god was full of murderous rape allowing wrath until jesus mysteriously shows up. neither of these MALE characters is qualified to pass judgement on me and my decisions. there is more value in believing in jack and the beanstalk. abortions are a personal choice for each woman. if i thought this embryo, not fetus, not baby, embryo, stood a half a chance i would possibly reconsider my decision. but since it doesn't i'm making the best decision for EVERYONE involved. population control is a real issue and i'm doing the world a service by not bringing in an unwanted person who will not be properly cared for in any respect or regard. i'm sure someone will put me on blast for my statements but i KNOW i'm doing the right thing. and until you're in my specific situation, then try to keep your 'logic' to a minimum.

  10. Keep in mind that I wrote this when I was 17 years old.

    Nobody is here to pass judgment. Everybody has a choice on whatever they wanted to do with anything. Regardless of consequences, everybody has the freedom of having volition.

    You wouldn't know if I have ever been in your situation..

    And, if you thought the "___" stood half a chance, then you'll reconsider? But the thing is, how would you know? Ultimately, nobody does, in MY opinion.

    And, if you know that you're doing the right thing, then do as you please. Nobody is stopping you.

    Good luck.

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