Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cole Bros. Circus!

- for better quality.

I have never seen a circus before.
I've only seen them in TVs, movies, and such.
My mom decided to go, so I tagged along.
Here are a few pics from the 1000 I took.
Some are blurry because my lens wasn't cooperating with me.
Also, it made me realize that I needed a new one.

Mama, Papa, Nanay, and Justin.
Look at my 'stank' face.
(The clown was holding me by my waist.
It was creeping the fuck out.)

Mexicans as their servers.
(Sorry, if any Mexicanos find that offensive..)
(The kid doing a hand stand is ten years old.)
The Jugglers.
(They sucked..balls.
The pins kept falling, and the man almost dropped her.)

Los Payasos.
(The clowns where funny as hell,
but I don't remember what they were doing.)

Super K.
(I forgot the name, but I know it started with a 'k'.
Anywho, this guy is fuckin' crazy. You should've seen him live.)

This guy is 14 years old.
Three of them.
Arabian Night.
Los Elefantes.
(These girls are fuckin' crazy.
They're hangin' themselves from their hair.)
Las Mariposas.
World's Largest Cannon.
Super K shot out from it.
Goodbye. =]


  1. Looked like fun, your shots didnt come out too bad. But yea a zoom lens would have helped for some of these shots. I havent been to the circus in MELLENIUMS!

    /me runs to the circus

  2. Lol. I needed a superduper lens. Lol.

  3. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself at the circus!


Gracias for the input. =P

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