Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Justin's Kaarawan!

- for better quality.

Miriam and I went to Toys R' Us to find a present for my brother's birthday. She saw a gumball machine, well, more like a gumegg machine. Lol. You should've seen her. She was like a pedophile in an elementary school; she was exited. HAHA. Afterward, we went to Pollos Pucalor to get some comida. =]
They had little, baby dinosaur candies in them. By the way, if you guys are wondering why she has a dash on her forehead, she got hit with a frisbee. HAHA.
It was Baby Justin's 4th birthday. =] He doesn't need any more toys. You should see his collection. You'd be amazed how spoiled he is.
I got him books.
I love ice cream cake.
Cold Stone!
Ice Cream Cupcakes.
My cousin and I decided to go out for lunch. It was basically a reward after a week-long of finals. It's finally over!!! Anyways, MINADO!!! My favorite restaurant ,ever.
Miso Soup.
Yupp. The fatass-ness has returned. Lol. I am aboslutely in love with Japanese food.
2nd Plate.
My favorite. Try to figure out what it is. HAHA.
It was mad cheap. I'm definitely going back, ASAP.


  1. really nice, i love toys r us man, so many memories as a kid coppin all the newest toys =D, sushi looks delicious

  2. Those aren't his first books, are they?

  3. Cool beans, glad to see you enjoyed yourself.

  4. Yeahh. It was a buffet, too. Amazing-ness. =]

    HAHA, no. He doesn't like to read though. He gives up easily. He's always playing video games.

    Yeah, absolutely did. =]


Gracias for the input. =P

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