Thursday, June 11, 2009


Thanks to Moe and Miriam!!!!!

Anywho, Moe and Miriam helped me with parallel parking. =] I would have pics of Moe, but the pics got deleted. It was about two weeks ago.

This was yesterday. After practicing the parking, Miriam and I decided to hang out with Sarah. We tried to go swimming, but it was too damn cold. Even if the pool was heated, it was still too damn cold. Lol.

Clear contacts.
Ms. Miriam.
I need to redye my hair. ASAP!
Sarah and Miriam doing some dance.
It's called: Shootin'?

My dumbass almost failed because I was freaking out. It was fuckin' crazy. I already got held for 6 months (driving without a license, broken break light, and speeding). I messed up on the parallel parking, but the nice lady gave me a second shot. It was all good after that; it was a piece of cake. HAHA. My hands were shaking though. My goodness. I'm glad I got that over with.


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog about a week ago & I love it!

    *keep writing love!

  2. Wow. Miriam is fine. Is moe the other girl or is he/she a boy.?I'm confused. Nice blog.

  3. damn i wish i could drive, lmao

  4. Congrats on getting ur license! Your friends are hawt .. like butter.

  5. aw, congrats on gettin' your license. i'm still workin' on mine. i just got my permit not too long ago. i'm slackin', haha. cold? shoo, it's not cold here in vegas! i wish it was.

  6. got miriam is sexy wtf....she the black girl rite?

  7. Hahaha. Sorry, I haven't been online. Tested out the license today. =]

    Oh man, I almost got pulled over. Haha.

    The other girl is Sarah.

    Moe is a guy.

    Yes, my friends are sexy. Lol.

    Miriam is not Black; she's Dominican.

  8. Oh lol.
    Ddamn miriam is fine..
    I wanna ass dominican omg...
    n I'm does moe look good too like sarah and miriam? Haha.
    Serious question too.

  9. Congrats on getting your license...euggghck, i have to renew mine tomorrow expires next week when i turn 21.

  10. You're probably a road-rage driver!

    (stays away from the road)

  11. I'll let her know. =]
    Haha, Moe is a boy.
    I'm bi, too. =]

    Thanks. My dumbass almost got it taken away this morning, around 3. Lol.

    HAHAHA, I'm not that crazy.

  12. dammmm how old are you?

  13. haha moe and miriam...sounds good together...are they related or go out or something?

  14. HAHAHHAHAHA. Not at all.

    They don't know each other.

  15. lol... but it still does sound good together...idk...thats what i think. lol. like m and m's.


Gracias for the input. =P

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