Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wiz x Buffet

I haven't 'officially' mentioned that I got a new camera.
My baby girl, Mek. =] (Yea, my camera has a name.)
I got her about 2 and half weeks ago.
Yea, she's only a D40, but she satisfy me.
This is only the beginning. =]
Give me another month or so to learn.
The Wiz.
(The African-American version of The Wizard of Oz)
Yea.. Well, the cast were mostly Caucasians.
My school is not that diverse.
Eh, they still did a great job. =]

After the play, my family and I went out to eat.
Yea, my dad can levitate. Haha.
Yea.. It's octopus.
Yea.. Hahaha.
Sorry Mama. LOVE YOU!!
Don't kill me for putting this picture up. =]
By the way, she said she felt like she was in Fear Factor. Haha.

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