Thursday, March 19, 2009


First of all, this post is not a comparison between history and Hollywood.

Holy fucking shit!
Good movie, scratch that,
GREAT movie.

Yea, I'm kind of late , but I just watched it last night. Haha.

Let me tell you this, I'm not the biggest fan of Angelina Jolie. I understand the lips and everything, but I really don't like her. This movie changed everything. DAMN, it made me want to marry her.

SHE is an incredible actress.
Changling is an amazing movie. Shit, I almost cried like 5 times. Yes, it was that good.
Plus, it is based on a true story, which makes it 10 times better.

The movie is about a heart-breaking story between a mother and her son.

- 1928 was the year when this all started. When Christine Collins returned to home from work, Walter Collins, her son, was nowhere to be found. A couple of months later, the LAPD returned a young boy to her, but it was not her son. She complained and insisted that he wasn't her son. (How stupid can those fucking cops get? How can they have better judgments from the son's mother?) LAPD just deliberately ignored her and refused that they made a horrible mistake.

The captain who was in charge accused Ms. Collins of being insane. The captain claimed that she was delirious because she claimed that the boy was not her son. In reality, the captain was just trying to protect the LAPD's reputation. He was trying to protect them from people finding out that they were terrible cops. Therefore, he sent Christine Collins to an insane asylum. (Yupp, them fucking pigs.)

She realized that she wasn't the only one 'sane' in that hell hole. An ex-whore told her that if the police said 'code 12', it meant that the person was a threat to the LAPD. She was eventually released. After, she kept searching for her son. With the help of teachers and doctors of Walter, she had proof that the claimed-to-be son was not hers. She just wanted her real son back.

One of the FEW good outcomes was that Christine Collins change Los Angeles forever.

I wanted to fucking curse the shit out of those stupid ass fucking cops.
Yea, but I just realized it I was only watching a movie.

Anywho, let me end it with that.

- Ultimately, I HIGHLY recommend this movie. The movie shows how a mother's love for her son kept her going through anything. The shit that Christine Collins went through was crazy. All the pain, and suffering she encountered made her tough. She never gave up.

Even though it was decades ago,
I give out my condolences to the families
and the young boys

who were brutally killed
the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders.

Bonus: A few facts about what really happened.

Christine Collins
Walter Collins
Gordon Northcott
(The psychopath who was sentenced to death because of the boys' murders.
His mom was also a part of this inhumane atrocity.
She was imprisoned.)


  1. There's a movie I've seen with Angelina Jolie called "Girl Interrupted". I watched in my Psychology class, it's pretty good.

  2. Oh, cool.

    I'll try to watch it. =]


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