Tuesday, February 3, 2009


For the people who are big fans of sneakers. DUH!!!
Anywho, I was bored today, so I browsed through the website. I saw A LOT of people who doesn't even have a pair of sneakers on their page; NONE at all. I understand that if they're new, but these people had been on it for at least a year. The pictures were just 'body' pics, which made people's blood boil (in a good way). Also, I saw some pages with one pair of sneakers, and then a lot of pictures of their asses and titties. Come on now, I highly doubt that Hugh Hefner would look in Sneakerplay for the next Marylin Monroe. If that's not the case, save all those pictures for MySpace, so some internet stalkers could praise you. Yupp, I know; EVERYBODY loves attention.

I'm the least person to start drama, that's why I didn't put anybody on blast. One day, I will.
This states as a warning. =]

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