Monday, February 16, 2009

Mz Don Dada

I'm not the usual person to put people on blast, but this is an exception to the rule.
It's too fucking funny.

Introducing to everybody: 'Mz Don Doda'!! -with the blacken nipples and a red g-string. NICEEE.

All I can say is HOLY FUCKING SHIT?!
I hope your parents see this.
I would message you on MySpace, but I think you're page is filled with nasty dudes trying get at you. They're probably old guys who cannot get laid.

  • I don't understand why your thong is still on.. Girl, we can see your cooch.. OK?!
  • Nice way of censoring your nipples.
  • Nice spellings. Try going to school, instead of spending time taking pictures of your blubbers.
  • Does it really matter how many friends you have on MySpace?.. The question is, 'How many friends do you have in REAL LIFE?'
  • Oh yea, so I was watching TV and I heard somebody said that 'Texans are proof that the world is populated by Aliens'. I guess they were right.
  • Hell yea.. Everything is bigger in Texas.

So sexy.
"Is she a model for McDonalds?" asked Mom.

I can be an extreme asshole, but I feel bad.
Yes, I do have a conscience. =]


  1. wow.

    what has this world come to.


  2. lol speak on shit you know bitch i happen to know this female & she is a grown ass woman now 20 to be exact... see it kills me when ppl like you run ya damn mouth on dumb shit when youre pro the one fucken eveybody & there mama... you don't even know this female but yet you have alot to say wow!! what i think you need to be doing is stop judging ppl and blog about someting that worth reading about!!!! this shit is so old & ppl make mistakes and besides its 2011 hoe get off that 09 shit... youre just hating because she has a banging ass body...bahaha seems like youre the one with no lifee or friends hun you took the time out to make a blog on a bitch thats doing way better then you but know this sweetheart shes not made of glass so all of youre negative comments can't and wont break her! she doesnt live for you or noone else so quit speaking on shit you know nothing about and get a lifeeee while youre at it!


Gracias for the input. =P

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