Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drinks. - Pt. 1

schnapps (shnäps)
Any strong, dry spirit, as slivovitz, aquavit, or kirsch.
(The definition from

An alcoholic drink that fucks you up fast.
(The definition from Mikki's experiences. Haha.)

Anywho, I recently became a fan of schnapps. My first love are cognacs (French brandy. Well, the term 'COGNAC' was derived from a region in Western France.) Hennessey is my absolute favorite! Yumm. =]

The problem I had with cognacs was that you can't experiment on them. I tried, and it tasted nasty, in my opinion. Well, cognacs are not meant to be mixed anyways. I was probably a little drunk to realize. HAHA. The only thing I like drinking Hennessey with is Hypnotiq (the Hulk). Also, it is expensive for a bottle.

I started trying different types of alcoholic beverages, from brandy to liqueurs. Along the way, I found schnapps. I thought they were like liqueurs. You know, sweet and all that sugary stuff. I'm also a big fan of liqueurs. It's something to balance the drinks out. The misconception between schnapps and liqueur is that they are just the same. UH, NO! Liqueur is basically like schnapps, but with sugar and flavorings. The ORIGINAL schnapps (from Germany) does not have sugar, but have a distinct flavor also. In the U. S., they pretty much are the same.

One of my favorite schnapps is peppermint-flavored ones. Rumple Minze is my absolute favorite out of the peppermint-flavored schnapps (50% alcohol, 100 proof). This one has sugar, about 10g per serving. Yea, that's how I gained weight.

Some examples of common liqueurs/schnapps that you might've came across are: X-Rated, Hypnotiq, 99 Schnapps (Blackberries, Black Cherries, Apples, Bananas, and Oranges).

These are predominantly from my general knowledge that I came across. If something is wrong, say so. =]

PART 2 is coming up.
Specifics on gin, and rum. =]


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