Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's not that hard to find a replacement. Wonder why people resort to infidelity? Because their partners don't suffice their expectations. They don't provide them the happiness and satisfaction that they aim for. Nobody likes feeling pathetic, nor being put down. Everybody wants to feel important and wanted.

For how long can patience hold a relationship together?

Females, in general, need security. They love being cherished. A guy showing adoration is a symbol for her importance in his life. It's complete euphoria; you know – like Cloud 9. I mean, but this is all common sense; at least, it should be. Sometimes, I just can't fathom the fact that people can't comprehend shit that's so minute.

Why feel bad if there's a choice to feel good?


I actually thought of an answer last night. Lol. And, my psych class helped me out as well.

I mean, my emotions are my responsibility. The way I feel is not what most people intend to make me feel; thus, it's my fault for the most part. I'm an irrational thinker when it comes to me feeling neglected or what-not. I need to learn how to relax and learn how to ponder before talking shit. Self-control is the key.

Ultimately, the answer is because love is in the air. I love Boyfriend very dearly, and He loves me as well. He doesn't mean any harm. I'm just overthinking and overlooking shit. I've always done that my whole life, and I always use the excuse that that's just how I am. WRONG. I just don't know how to limit my boundaries. I'm in need to learn how to keep everything within the range – not to go overboard.

Anywhoooo, I apologize for any negative feelings that might have arisen from my previous commentary. I had no intentions to evoke any type of adverse feelings whatsoever.

Bonus: Look what I got today for 50 cents each. =]


  1. Does your boyfriend all these requirements ?

  2. Well it's probably why I'm single now, women always claim they want a good guy or someone to cherish them but then when a dude like me comes along and does whatever to keep her happy, I'm 'too good to be true'. So they fall back on their insecurities and the situation never works out because they can't believe they have it so good .. we're in the same boat sorta - wanna row?

  3. please don't apologize because when you speak on your emotions those are true and honest emotions at the time. but i will say find balance between your feelings and your actions. if those emotions cause you to spazz out..sit back and find a way to pull it all together but don't feel WRONG for being human!


Gracias for the input. =P

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