Friday, December 24, 2010


Sex has to be one of the best natural highs, well reaching an orgasm is. You know what I mean. I understand that condoms may hinder the extreme euphoric feeling that can be obtained if none is used, but being highly irresponsible can cause some life-changing effects.

Uhm, a baby? STDs? Well, I'll talk about STDs later. Lol.

Well, lately, I've been seeing teenage mothers walking all over the place. I'm not bashing them. I have no problem with young parents – not at all. As a matter of fact, I salute them. I just think that people should think it through first. The part of the brain that controls rationality in all parts is the prefrontal cortex, and it isn't completely developed until people hit their early twenties. It means that teenagers' thoughts aren't fully processed during their years because their brains haven't finished developing.


For me? As of right now, pregnancy is not an option. It just wouldn't happen; plain and simple. Well, at least, I'll terminate it. If not, my dad would probably push me down the stairs. Lol, yeah, he probably would.

Anywho... When I have a baby, I want everything to be planned. I'll be prepared. I'm not trying to get stuck with a minimum wage job because I didn't go to college or couldn't finish high school. Fuck outta here. I'm sorry, but I have high aspirations for myself. I'm not saying that people who has children early aren't successful, it's just that it's difficult. Well, from what I've seen. I'm not trying to have a baby and my baby's father and I aren't married. Haha, NO! I'm against deadbeats. Regardless, I know that I can handle it on my own; however, I don't want my child growing up without a father.

A baby is definitely a blessing. It's not a toy that you can put back because you're tired of playing with it. I believe that it is a choice to bring a new life into this Earth. Just be more responsible and think about the consequences.

I don't know if this is cute or sad... Lol, but it's definitely amusing.


  1. that video is really sad. i dont even have words for it. #SMH

  2. yeah growing up fatherless sucks, been there done that. it's best to keep things wrapped up.
    ALSO, that child is fucked. no better way to put it.


  3. You right there are so many girls getting pregnant. I don't want my baby to go through rough times so I rather have a baby when I am capable of taking care of him/her.

  4. @Jasmine - I find it kinda of funny. Lol. I mean, I guess she's working out..?

    @JustNorman - Yeahh, tell me about it.

    @Nne_Maramma - Yupp, I don't want my child having any types of gratuitous issues.

  5. you SO got a point. I mean you should also do what is best for your child right?
    - the video is hilarious!

    @ jasmine/Mikki... working out. I mean.. it's okay to work out... but you really don't need to tape it and put it out on the net -.- hahaha


Gracias for the input. =P

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