Saturday, October 9, 2010


My patience finally ran out. I'm drained. He's drained. We are both getting sick of all that nonsensical fighting; I'm sure of it. All I want is time, attention, affection, and all the other stuff I told Him about. He knows and He tries. He is such an amazing person. I appreciate Him dearly, but sometimes things are just not meant to be. It's funny because when we're good, it's like peanut butter and jelly. When we're bad, it's like oil and water. I feel like I'm always getting the last minute. I hate getting the crumbs. I feel like a fucking beggar waiting for people to throw me leftovers. Whatever happened to MY piece? Motherfucking people are so hungry that they took my shit, too. Fuckers. ARGGGGGGGGG. I'm frustrated, pissed, confused, sad, and whatever negative connotation in regard to my situation.

I was fine before; I'll be fine later though.

I try not to be selfish, but human beings are innately like that. I mean like shit, but what the fuck... Some people just don't fucking think. I've been through that phase, but I never ruin anybody else's shits. I'm so sick and tired of being so sick and tired. So, fuck it.

From now on, it's all about me.
Fuck everybody.
Fuck the world.


  1. You do realize that relationships take not only commitment but compromise as well? You can't always have YOUR way. If you're able to give up so easily maybe you deserve to be alone.

  2. See, that's the thing. He's the one that doesn't compromise. Oh geez, if you only knew. And, I told him that it's not like Burger King...

  3. yeah um random but.... your eyebrows are flawless in that pic


  4. You don't know how good you got it, you say he tries - do you know how many people are out there right now that are in 'relationships' that are completely one-sided? If you love him like you claim you do then you should be willing to work at it and not throw it away so easily.

  5. @serenissima - Thanks ma. =]

    @Anonymous - Yupp, I know. Trust me. I'm not throwing it away. Thank you though, for the acknowledgement.

    Just to let whoever know that I wrote this out of frustration. I needed a release.

  6. Is your bf one of the twins cuz if u dnt want his sexy ass ill take him damn there fine


Gracias for the input. =P

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