Saturday, September 4, 2010

Canada (Day 1)

My mom decided to go to Canada with no kind of plan. So, we did not do much at all. I wanted to go home the first day we got there. Lol. I was excited at first, but my folks wouldn't let me go by myself. I still find it kind of amusing since I go to NYC whenever I want to.

- for better quality.

I packed about 2 weeks worth of clothing. We only stayed there for 4 days though. Lol.
On the way to the boarder.
The immigration officer yelled at me for having my camera out.
Niagara Falls
On the way to Toronto.Align Center
Knocked the fuck out. Haha.
Traffic. =/
We visited my mom's friend from college.

We didn't really do much. In summary, we went to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, went to the hotel, went out to eat, then went to my mom's friend's house.

P.S.: I have way more pictures, but I'm too lazy to upload all of them. Lol. Sorry.



  1. I always wanted ... to go to Canada .
    It's seems so nice .

    come check out my blog ...

  2. what color are your contacts and brand? cause i know those arent ur real eye color lol thnx (:

  3. @Alaila - Lee: Ugh. If you're 19, probably. Lol.

    @Anonymous: They're green, and Fresh Looks or something. They're prescription though. I can't see w/out them.


Gracias for the input. =P

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