Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Here are the other two: Twilight Saga

HOLY SHIZNIT! This could not wait any longer. I just saw the film today, and it was pretty damn good. Not like Johnny-Depp-films good, but enough to anticipate the next film.

By the way, Kristen Stewart needs to talk to her dentist about her buck teeth. She needs to get them filed down; apparently, she can't keep her mouth closed.

I'm not into Bella Swan being such a slut, but I actually liked the movie's entirety. The corniness and the suckiness of the quality in the director's point of view made the movie suitable for everyone to enjoy, if that even made sense.

(Dakota Fanning should not be a vampire.)

Jacob is soooooooooooooo hot-hot-hot-hot, but I'm still Team Edward because at the fact that he loves Bella so much, regardless of her whore-ness. I give him props on withstanding all that hell she had put him through. The shits that she did hurt me all the way over here. If I was Edward, I'd kill the bitch.

P.S.: They definitely need more (good-looking) girls in Forks Town, Washington. SMH.

Anywho, I'll stop talking about it because I don't want to mention anything that might spoil the movie.


  1. I wish this movie would die already.....

  2. Haha, hater numero uno. JK. =p

  3. I loved it too!! But i'm Team Jacob!! haha
    Bella putting both of them through hell and I heard it gets worse in the last book so I might have to go read that before the movie comes out

  4. Yeah, one of my friends kinda ruined it for me though. Lol. She told me what was going to happen. =/ SMH.

  5. follow me .

    - Team Jacob all the way ! lol / Taylor Lautner <3



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