Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain... so freakin' depressing.
I hate it. =/
Stagnant rain drops.
Playing around with my tripod. =p
(I found it under my bed. Haha.)
Mr. Breezy.
(Army boy.)

Anywho, last night was a bust.
It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the greatest.

I was suppose to go see a movie, but my friend chose to be with strippers instead.
He dropped me off at the crack head, hobo infested train station.
I thought I was going to be stuck down there, so I figured to just go to NY.
My other friend called me, and he came to the rescue.
I thought we were going to a party, but, long story short, we didn't go.
I just drank, until I passed out in the car. Haha.

Yupp, that was a hell of a night.

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