Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bus Ride..

This weekend was pretty good.
Went clubbing. - Reunited with some old folks from middle school. I haven't been so embarrassed for them in my life though. One of them offered me 'a condom and a corner', the other one was asking the same 'favor' in different words. See what I told y'all about boys, men, assholes (you get the point) ... Tsk, tsk..

The next day I met up with Karina, and Vulkan aka Mango (some of the COOLEST people, I must say). Karina must be the funniest lady I've ever met, and Mango, hmm too much to say. =] There should be some pics from the Met Museum, but Mango is being an asshole, and won't send them to me. =]

My week started off pretty good. Specially today, President OBAMA! You already know.

Anywho, Christine and I had a school trip to NYC. We went to the Hispanic Society of America. It was cool. They had a musuem; it had painters from Goya, and sculptures as old as from the 1400s, I think. Yea uhm, I wasn't paying much attention to the tour guide.
Knockers (interesting design; it caught my attention)

The Duchess of Alba By Goya

Then, we ate at some restaurant.
And here's our 'bus ride'.
Music Montage...


  1. ...and thos "knockers"... they caught my attention, in which i showed you to be more exact. =P

  2. dis is the stupidest video ive ever seen in my whole entire life....n gurl on da left is ugly...girl on the rite is iight. wth


Gracias for the input. =P

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