Friday, January 9, 2009

End of Humanity

Mr. Runske made my day today.
Yes, big pile of ugly.
Growing up in Philly, and in New York, speaking of ghost stories, and other creepy shit; I would never imagine him being who he is.
He is one of my favorite teachers. Also, he is an outstanding actor and one hilarious person. He always makes fun of me; calling me ugly, telling me how stupid I am, and joking about cats (unnecessary, long story). Yea, it sounds harsh, so I asked him why he always makes fun of me, his answer was, "I only pick on people I like". I always thought that I was an exception to that rule. Haha.
He teaches in a way that will keep a student listening and interested.
Trust me, not all students will do that, unless they're intimidated.

Anywho, he mad my day by showing me this very interesting video.

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