Tuesday, January 4, 2011


She has damaged one of the most important things in her life. She wishes she could go back in time and take everything back. She just wants n e e d s another chance to prove that everything will be alright.

She needs him back. The one who cares to listen, the one who sees the bigger picture, the one who calls just to talk, the one who shows how much he really loves her. The one who she fell in love with. She would give anything up to have him back. Anything.

"I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long."


  1. It's never too late to talk to God.. you can start whenever you're ready.
    Just remember, you take 1 take step closer to God, he takes 2.

  2. ^^Agree with that post

    In life the brave take risks. We have the wonderful technology of email, IM, text message, ect...life is too short. Reach out to dude and write out how you feel. Doesn't mean you have to speak to him, but text or email your thoughts and wait for his response. If he really cares about you, he will come around. Men are so STUBBORN believe me I went through the merry go round with mine. Give it space, write your feelings out to him and see where it goes from there.

    Good Luck

    - thehoustongirl

  3. @Anonymous - =]

    @thehoustongirl - We talk, but it's different. He's more inclined to be indifferent with certain things. He told me that he could never go back to how he was because of what I did. I didn't cheat, heavens, no. It was a stupid lie that I made. ARG! But he explained that it'll never be the same.


Gracias for the input. =P

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