Friday, November 26, 2010

FF [1]

Yeahhhh, hope your Thanksgiving was great! =] Mine was über-fun. I'll post up some pics soon, but this just couldn't wait.

I'm not an asshole. I definitely don't like dogging people out – not really. I'm not a bitch, but I just had to. Lol.

(Via Ro Hall)

WTF was this dude thinking? Lol. I thought that he was wearing long johns when I first glanced at him.

They were white, denim jeans that were too big for him. HAHA!

Dude had to fold them.

Ughhh yeah. This is not hot, not even cute, nor ok. Lol. He looked like Flava Flav's baby with Katt Williams. Sorry, but this is an FF – fashion fail.

If I see you out on public like this, don't be surprised if you see your ass on here. Lol.


  1. I think he might be goin for the Kanye look, substitute all red for all white and real gold for fake. #ROSEWOOD


  2. welcome to the jamaican ghetto party scene


Gracias for the input. =P

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