Friday, June 25, 2010


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June 18, 2010.

It ended.
The journey is over.
It's time to start fresh,
and be the director of my life.

I'm finally out of this shit hole, also known as NHS! HAHA, just kidding. I feel such relief waking up the next day not worrying about unfinished homework and such. Time to move on into reality and join all the other failures of this Earth. HAHA. Just kidding, again. I'll be successful in the long run. I don't think college is ready for me. Haha.

I'll miss high school though, one of these days.

Also, I am trying to update my blog as much as I can, but I have two jobs. My managers talked me into it. =] It's working so far.

My mom tried convincing me to buy a BCBG dress, and I straight declined it. I went to XXI and spend about $35 on my whole she-bang. =] Yes, I'm cheap, regardless if she was going to pay for it.
(Peep the edit. Lol.)
Cousin. =]
Trying to be like High School Musical.
He got to my graduation about 20 minutes after it ended. Haha, it's all good. He tried, and the cause was pretty reasonable.
So long to Newton High School's Class of 2010.
I'm a loner, been a loner. Lol. Haven't you realized that? =] Sorry for the lack of variety in my pictures.

But got-damn-it,
here I come!


  1. I thought you're an honor student. Where are your gold cords?

    But, congrats!

  2. @Nnenna-Rose: Thanks lovely. =]

    @Anonymous: HAHA, I'm in the honor rolls, which makes me an honor student, but I'm not in the Honor Society. They are the only ones who get the cords. I'm in the Spanish Honor Society though. Lol.

    @Anonymous: Yess.

  3. love the pics & congrats !

    fOllOW ! COMMENT ! PROMOTE ! :) its greatly appreciatedd .


Gracias for the input. =P

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