Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"What's love got to do, . . .

go to do with it?"

Teenage relationships are usually based on physical attraction. I mean, people have their standards, but none the less, it's all about the appearance.

Sex is not as a big deal as it was before. Nowadays, it's just like kissing. At least, I would assume because from what I see in commercials, movies, shows and songs. Sex is advertised everywhere.

I believe that most teenagers think about copulating somebody/ies of the same and/or opposite sex almost every second of the day. It's funny how men can talk about it with no problem, but it's awkward if women do. Honestly, I don't give a flying fuck about that shit. I am open with my sexuality, at the right time. Meaning, I don't just blurt out nonsensical sex escapades like I have some kind of tourettes. No offense.

I was going through Facebook, and I perceived that people go in and out relationships like a penis to a vagina. I always notice that people mention their partners as the 'love of my life', and then break up in a week or two.. WTF? Make up your damn mind. Emotions are not toys; they are not to be played with.

Fornication has got to be the worst and best thing that has ever happened in human evolution.

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