Thursday, August 12, 2010


I would rather be with somebody who embodies the complete opposite of who I am. We learn from each other. The differences that we grow to accept just makes our love stronger. It's not as an uncanny concept as it seems; it's oddly common and attainable.

He is my other half.
He makes me whole.


I actually took off about four days from work to enjoy some free time. I could've done a lot more, but eh... shit happens. Lol.

- for better quality.

The pictures are in order from newest to oldest.

I got pulled over around 1:30 am.. The policeman gave me a ticket for speeding. It sucks. FML!!!!!!!!! And later on that day, around 7 pm, I got pulled over again. Yeahhh, speeding. Lol. This one was nice, and gave me something minute. But still, fuck my life. UGHHHHHHHHHH!
Red and blue makes purple. Lol.
Happy 20th birthday!!!!
Love you!!!!

Thursday, August 5th.

I love museums! I love learning about other people's cultures, histories, and everything in between. Bf is not a really big fan. We actually had a dispute in regards to this ignorant comment he made. I just don't approve of people depriving others from knowledge and open-mindedness.

My ancestor. =]
Wonder why we don't have a pic together? He hates pictures. Kind of ironic actually since I do photography as a hobby.. SMFH! It infuriates me a little bit.


Gracias for the input. =P

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